September 7, 2014

Day # 7

For Day Seven I've posted the Black Crow. You can find the 
'30 paintings in 30 days' Challenge on Leslie Saeta blog.
I've painted crows before but this one is new... and as always I use no tube blacks, but prefer to mix my own.
This one was mixed from Prussian blue and Brnt. Sienna. 

 See you tomorrow.  BJ


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Kathy. I hear some people have 'pet crows'.. that they are very clever..
      Thanks for looking !

  2. You've taken the sense of foreboding out of the crow! Such a beautiful bird and a wonderful painting, BJ!

    1. Your right Sherry, some people think they are bad luck, etc. Actually they're very clever and funny.
      Someone here in blogland has a 'pet crow', I remember reading about it.. BJ

  3. BJ - clearly you have this crow's colors and pose down perfectly. They are such great bird. We have lots in the corn field. Love to see them. Their caw-caw sound always alerts me to their presence.