September 27, 2011


Neither of these show the contrast  dark/light  graphite from my bad photography, but possibly will take them to the art exhibit.  They are large 18x24 and the woman 22x28 . 

September 25, 2011

Art in the Park ~ Oct 1st

Next Saturday Oct 1st. is the annual 'Art in the Park'  show.. Not a judged show and no prizes very small , but a chance to exhibit ... I already had committed myself ( yes I know I should be committed ) that's for another post..
I've been framing,  making some choices, not necessarily  what you see, have to start somewhere though,  and trying to have some sort of method to my madness.  We'll see how it goes.. I have a whole week to angst about it..        BJ

September 19, 2011

Pears, Pears, Pears,

What is it about pears that's so fun to paint?  An amazing thing happened today concerning pears.  I posted a pear (colored pencil) to the JWJarts website .. a challenge so to speak, and not an hour later what do I receive in the mail.. a card  from the UK  and tucked inside a beautiful watercolor of a pear.!!  Hmmm! Coincidence??
It was from Pat Elliott and it isn't even my birthday! or Christmas !  What did I do to deserve this...???  Pat I can't tell you how you made my day. !!!
And the colored pencil pear that I'd done and  posted almost at the same time to the forum at JWJarts.  
Woo Hoo !  Yes, Gypsy at work !!!!    BJ

September 14, 2011


This was one of those headed for the trash and decided nothing should wind up there. Sometimes we  think that just because something took 20 minutes that it's not good, can't be ... finished already?     BJ  
From a photo by Gillian Mowbray

September 11, 2011


I chose to write about my feelings for today on my
Art Hearts Journey  blog,   If you care to see it click on the name..
  I'll be back with some kind of art here soon..  BJ

September 4, 2011


Had to get something on paper. Not so much 'have to' but I wanted  to.  I took a break from other 'stuff' and did this quick watercolor from a photo I took some years ago.  I intend to  do a larger one  but whenever I plan, and think and ponder it never comes out the way I want.. Yes,  my daughter.  BJ