September 19, 2014

Day #19

Today I chose something simple and familiar as I've done the jug and flowers before. We're getting to the downside of the 30  in 30 Challenge. The fact that I've learned ( learning) to work with mostly transparent pigments has made painting easier,  but not necessarily  better. ! lol. Thank you for your constant encouragement ...comments ...


  1. I like the dribbles on this one. It would be interesting to see you do some abstract art!

  2. Yes Jerry, it would be 'interesting' as I wouldn't know how to begin.. Do you just throw paint? Hmmmm!

  3. Love love love love this.... Summer is OVER ! Tourists gone, my mind is starting to come back. woo hoo

  4. I admire you for keeping up this challenge, BJ! I love the tulips, simple and strong!

    1. Thanks Judy, yes it's a challenge alright.. some days more so than others..

  5. BJ - those flowers are so bright and cheerful. In spite of this challenge you are staying upright and firm. You will be sure to finish well my friend.