September 17, 2014

Day #17

 I'm late, I'm late, and I confess it's catching up to me... This is a quick one of a demo in Joyce Hicks' books... and I'll be going to her workshop end of Oct... I have much to learn about landscapes.. 
Now you can see why.  LOL !  Bear with me..
Only 13?  more to go .  I'll make it... I promise. 


  1. Yes, you will and I look forward to 13 more!

  2. Your words on the papaya below made me laugh. I didn't know either. Love the flower and how you inked in that border. As for this landscape, I think it is gorgeous and I would love to see you do more of them!!

  3. BJ - this is a really charming painting. Looks like it could be found in my part of the country too. Take care and keep up the good work.