July 23, 2011

Watercolor~ Life Is a String of Beads


I did a piece like this in colored pencil a few years ago, and decided to paint it in watercolor. 
As I was working on it, I started to think how  much our lives are  like this string of beads.   Large, small, bright, dull and dark , one continuous line with no beginning, no end that you can see. 
Life has big events, small ones, happy bright times and dull somber dark days. 
   It goes on in a perpetual line, but has detours, over and under, ins and outs.  We don't  really know where it begins, we don't know where it ends.   I think I'll name this  'Life is a String of Beads'   BJ    for  jj

July 18, 2011

~Colored Pencil~

One of the many seashells found on Florida beaches,, I believe this is a Florida Cone.

July 14, 2011


  Today was the day that I had to put paint to paper.. no doubts about that.. so I drew three circles, wet the entire paper , put some permanent rose in those places, and we know it looked like flowers to me.. so adding a little New Gamboge to the mix, and some Sap Green it turned into a bouquet.. I just let the water do the work.. (I was too lazy)   I admire the work of Fabio Cembranelli and I think it was influencing my thoughts today.. 
I'll try this again, using some thought to placement and color and composition and it will turn out  awful...  It never fails... !!   BJ   

July 7, 2011


Done quickly on inexpensive watercolor paper... .. 

July 2, 2011

The Tropics

For some reason, my photos are not good at all .. color , sharpness, etc..    but you get the idea. 
It's HOT in Florida !!!!       Bird of Paradise.