May 29, 2014

This is one I could mat either horizontal or vertical .. The whole jar is there, but I thought it more interesting this way. It's drawn quickly with a micro pen ... I liked the effect but don't think I'll do much more with that technique. I'm still sticking to traditional watercolor. The transparent pigments, no white, no black. 
I know I should break the rules sometimes, so that accounts for the pen work... 11x14" .  WN paints, Fabriano paper 140 lb. cp

May 26, 2014

Getting There?

The journey is half the fun of getting to the destination. And that's what I'm doing.!

I have a collection of white ironstone pitchers. Perfect for flowers.
I drew this in ink first, then watercolor.. .

I don't mess around with 'photo  fixing'. At the most I crop, 
or adjust  light. 
I'll do some more of these, as I was pretty happy with it .. It's me!
Not realistic and not too sloshy. Now there's a technical word! 
I know in my heart I'm a painter of flowers first, then comes all the other subjects. I do like to try portraits, landscapes (my downfall ) and still life , which I'm a disaster at. 
Finish today with a drawing done a couple years ago. 

                     Daisies always reach for the sky. BJ 

May 21, 2014

In My Quest

Struggles and grief, struggles and grief.  lol! In my search for fast , loose watercolor at least it's keeping me trying if nothing else is accomplished.. I do like this, but don't consider it loose the way I see
'loose'. Like the color palette, . The composition was taken straight from the photo and so the center of interest is saying, "ok follow me and jump right off the page HERE! lol!  Ok I'm learning with each one and that was the lesson for today.  I had a suggestion from an amazing landscape artist to try some timed painting.. set 30 min then stop... OMG! that is the hardest thing for me to do .. this little 8x10 took me twice that long and that's why I can see the piddling and poking mostly on the leaves. NOT necessary to define each vein...It's so strange that I  know that, but still insist on doing it .. not giving up though, and thanks Keith for the suggestion. 

May 19, 2014


OK! So in order to get rid of the peaches, I did coconuts. LOL !
I''m happier with this one, it's ALIVE'... The coconuts were in  shadow so they were painted that way. Bye peaches, helloooo coconuts. !!!

May 17, 2014

Small, Loose, and Colorful

Doing some very quick small paintings .. Not very good, but I used pencil to draw, left them in there, and must say I really enjoyed working this way... Now if I can do it again 100 more times. LOL !

May 11, 2014

May 3, 2014

Finished Journal

Finished my journal for Alaska. A lot more pages can be seen on my  Art HeartsJourney     
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