June 21, 2013

Oregon Barn

I'm not a landscape painter, but had to try  this one .
While in Oregon my friend Jerry and I were traveling down the
highway and I took a photo of  this barn so I think I'll send it to him.. whether he likes it or not !!!!!

June 18, 2013

In My Search!!

In my never ending quest for looser style painting, I'm using a slightly different technique, and so far I'm ok with it. There's much room for improvement and I'm working on it.  I truly like and admire photo-realism and I try for that in my pencil work..
However for watercolor... I want to achieve something different.

June 9, 2013

An Attempt !

I don't know why I find iris' so difficult to paint. Such a beautiful flower and colors.  This is one that was growing in the gardens of the Chihuly Glass Museum.  I made an attempt at it just yesterday.
Since not painting much this past month while away, I'm finding myself going a bit backward.. but that has happened to me every time ... I wonder if  that happens to others ? 
.. Somehow it's like not riding a bicycle, you get back on and find it takes a bit of steadiness to feel comfortable again.. Ok .so, I still have time
( I think) ! !!?  BJ

June 6, 2013

Back Home

I'm anxious to paint, draw or do whatever it is I do..
The bud is from a rhododendron, and the pears from a photo I took at the Pikes Market Place in Seattle. Pears perfectly stacked up on a stand.. Both of these are quite small, but it's a start..
I have lots of things going round my head, but my garden, although very small needs some TLC, and I miss it..
The weather was nasty since the day I got back .. even a tropical thing out there.  It's about passed through now, but has not been very good for the past few days.
My hip surgery (right leg this time ) is moved up to July 9th and will have all the pre-op tests in a few weeks. ... Not fun!!
Pick and poke and prod.. I knew I should have listened to my mother when she told me to drink all my milk !!!