May 29, 2013

A Lavender Farm

Today I went to a lavender farm in Vancouver Washington. 
Although I don't believe this plant above is a lavender it was among
hundreds of other flowers.. The whole place run by a woman named Mary was so picturesque, bumble bees and hummingbirds throughout.  

Two Nubian goats, 20 beautiful hens and metal art (Jerry, take note) throughout the garden . And besides that, Mary makes all her own lavender products which she sells inside an adorable quaint white-washed building. I could be happy sleeping in there. !!
 In summer her sunflowers reach for the sky. 
I snapped some photos so here they are.. I could have spent hours there.. She was very knowledgeable and fun to talk to. 
I just wonder if she realizes she has the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 
What a lovely day.    

A flower that looks like a Christmas decoration !
Marys' place can be found at 


May 28, 2013

My Friend Jerry

Some events , persons, places and things in life come and go and some make an impression that stays forever.. 
And so it is with my friend Jerry. He lives in Oregon, and as you know I live in Florida. We met on an art site four years ago and continued to follow each other online, creatively, personally, and wrote each other from time to time.. 
Never did we think a day would come that we would have the opportunity to meet live and in person.. My trip out to Washington to visit and cruise with my friend Peg brought that to reality. 
And so Sunday, Jerry and I made plans to meet up .. 
From the first minute we saw each other it was like two old friends. 
I knew him already and he is exactly how I thought he'd be..
Warm, friendly, funny, kind, and since we had seen photos of each other I knew just the way he looked... He on the other hand thought I'd have a southern accent, which I don't ...... lol !
We had a wonderful afternoon sharing stories, art, a walk through a beautiful park , flowers and plants very different from where I live.
He creates beautiful metal art and is an avid gardner. You can see his creations at   
We ended the day with dinner at a nearby restaurant.  

 Jerry thank you for a beautiful day, a wonderful memory and I'll save that dance in Paris next time around .. BJ

   Art Center at the Park, and flowers all around.
Lambs Ears. 

Five minutes of sun.!!! 

The end of a perfect day.. BJ 

May 25, 2013

A photo review.  Although I'll be here in Washington state for another 2 weeks, I'm posting a last few photos and will see you all when I get back to Florida.. 
 Pegs garden and koi pond and where I've been staying in Washington . 

On the Amtrak to Seattle. A 3 hour train ride and loved it. 
 The Space Needle in Seattle 

The most amazing Chiluly Glass Museum.. This piece was about 15 feet tall.
 And lunch there was so interesting.  It was full of collections on walls, in glass tables, everywhere even hanging from the ceiling.  
These were transistor radios,  but of course I don't remember them !!


And accordions hanging from the ceilings.

Onto the Star Princess, a floating city and headed for Alaska ! 

Atrium, Shops, Restaurants Internet Cafe, Theatre

Music of all kinds, my favorite? 
Janusz, lol !  the violinist on a quartet . 

From a Window. 

Juneau, Ak. There for a whole day.

Ok, all the way to Alaska to see a Wal-Mart.  LOL !

Onto Skagway, Glacier Bay and Ketchican.  

Did I have a great time you ask?

 Peggy,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. 
 I met my friend Peg in the late 60's in Florida where we were very close friends for over 10 years . Although life put distance between us we never lost touch .. and the last time we saw each other was about 20 years ago. She is a dear friend to have brought me out here to her home and on that wonderful trip.. I'll never forget it. 
Barbra Joan  ... 
                        My friend whom I call Peggis..

May 23, 2013

Although still in the state of Wa. at this time, these were photos of Alaska from the ship as we passed on our way south to Seattle on the last day of the cruise..  The ship was the Star Princess and an amazing, beautiful hotel on water.
Food was fantastic, and delicious, and so many restaurants to choose from I put diet and such out of my mind, and ate what and when I wanted... I think it's called reckless abandon, and I say "so what."
Entertainment was as diversified as the food, and all of it good.  I'm trying to do a little painting while here at my friends house. So hopefully back to some painting soon..

Stateroom had a balcony. So could take a lot of scenery photo from there.
Seattle as we were leaving the port.

May 20, 2013

Glacier Bay and More!

   Another plein aire painting for me.. not something I'm known for but I can now say I know what inspiration does to you when your  'out there' . This was one of the little coastal villages on the way back from Glacier Bay.  
While I'm on here let me say I'm so pleased to take you along, and hear how much your enjoying the trip.    

I was lucky to catch it just as a part of the glacier was breaking off. 
I know there's a technical term for it. For me it was called a 'magical moment' ..   
 Very little sunshine for this Florida lady. But it was expected so I think I handled it ok... Cold, windy, rainy, but that's all part of it.. 

While in port at Ketchican a  bald eagle flew in front of me and landed on this post.. I took the best photo I could.. 

   Right now I'm using my blog as sort of a personal journey but as I always say, your welcome to come along.. Since I posted yesterday I want to add a few more pics. 
Whether you are from the U.S. or other parts of the world I must say how proud I am of the beauty of this country..  This part of it is majestic, breath taking and awesome.. Did I leave out anything ?

    Glacier Bay.A spectacular sight.

              A small painting of Juneau, Ak. as seen from the ship.
        yes, I actually was so inspired that I did a plein aire painting.. 

May 18, 2013

North to Alaska!

Internet connection was not good and very costly on the
ship... so couldn't stay in touch.  The ship was beautiful and very big.. I never did find my way around. I must have asked " Is this the front or back?" at least a hundred times.
On my way back right now to Ridgefield Washington via Amtrak.
The week has been spectacular to say the least.
I'll post a pic of one or two sights as the ship  went north on it's way to Alaska.. Glacier Bay, Juneau, Ketchican, Skagway .
It definetly will lose something in the translation
and photos.. It has to be seen.. Whales, Bald Eagles, glaciers falling into the water, and the cleanest, freshest air I ever could breath.

May 10, 2013

Chihuly Glass Museum

Visited this place today.. No words can describe the huge pieces of art work by the artist, Dale Chihuly,  they are awesome. !!!!! BJ 

Pikes Market Place

Parrot Tulips at the Market Place in Seattle.. What a treat of flowers.  Assorted characters of all kinds too !!

 Outside the Seattle Art Museum, this huge moving sculpture .  His arm goes up and down..
My netbook is slow , and no time to fiddle with it, so that's it for now..  Bye... BJ. 

May 8, 2013

The Great Northwest

On the first part of my journey,, I'm here in Ridgefield Wa.
So where's the sun???  Long day yesterday to get here from southeast to northwest.. Not far from Mt Hood and Mt St. Helens. 
BIG mountains with snow on them !!!!!
My friend Peg looks great after 20 years.
 Today we take a train to Seattle where we spend 3 days. before taking the cruise to Alaska... Hey I might even see bears, !!!!! ..