March 31, 2017

Cats WIP

 I love cats...everything about them. This was my effort  for today, and I thought I'd put in step by step, as a wip.   ... However, you know how that goes sometimes. I did a light drawing and the first initial wash. 
After that my mind left me ,  LOL  ! and I got so engrossed that before I knew it I  was finished. 

Started out with a big brush, and wound up with a #12. And used just a few colors. 
However when I look at it I'm thinking " too much detail, too much piddlin' with the brush.".. I wish somebody would tie my hands half way through... 
This is for my Etsy shop online, and I've sold this  kind and  Tuxedo cats more than once. 

But next one I'm going to TRY to stop before it gets to this stage...Will let you know. oh, small 8x10 matted and 4 pigments.   Burnt sienna, brown madder alizarin, one of my yellows, new gamboge, and cobalt blue .

March 30, 2017

Lately I find myself not doing any serious painting.  I've been content with small sketches and drawings.   Feels right to me...

March 29, 2017


 Been enjoying small sketches in my sketchbooks.  They're pretty quick and colorful.  I should be painting for my Etsy shop . I find that sales are better if I keep no less than fifty pieces in there.  So away I go......  

March 28, 2017

Color Your Life

This is part of a Rembrandt Pastel set that was given to me by my favorite Aunt. Probably back in the 70's. That's at least forty years ago. !  (I did the math) . She always encouraged me on my art journey.   Oh, I've done a few pastels in my time... not much anymore, but I've carried this set with me through at least twenty moves.  hmmm.. maybe more?
Even to California and back to Florida !  Doesn't matter if I don't use them right now. I just love looking at them..  

March 24, 2017


Yes,.    Life is still a String of Beads.  

March 8, 2017


For the last year I've gotten into doing more sketches. 
So enjoyable . Here's a few from my sketchbook. 
 Only the first one is from Sunday's visit to the St. Marks Refuge.  The others are from my playtime. LOL ! 

I don't know why but I added that fence on the right side. 


St. Marks Refuge

 Spent Sunday at St. Marks Refuge on the Gulf of Mexico.
Beautiful lighthouse and wildlife refuge.