September 11, 2014

Day # 11

This is one of those that I 'saved ' for just such a day as today.
 I did it couple weeks ago... I knew I'd need a fill in for a few of the days in this Challenge...
LOL ! A Florida lady painting birds in the snow!  Now that's different !!  Ok, back to the painting board..


  1. Are you sure Florida friend that you haven't been visiting my Ohio weather. This could have been painted from my own background one January day. Actually I don't paint snow - so now you have inspired me. (LOL) - Will wait though until we have some - hope that is a long way off!! Hugs.

  2. I love it! Aren't you glad you only have to imagine it, not live in it.

    1. Yes, Mary I don't do many snow scenes . and no I don't miss it . It's been 45 years,
      Summers' not the best time to be here in Fl.
      I admit that... but oh boy love those winters..

  3. I love the juxtaposition of the bluebird against the robins. You have had your share of snow in your life so why not?