November 23, 2010

It's Post Time! from the Past !

And just a few flowers I've created.. pencil, watercolor maybe a  pastel in there too. oh yes and the fish... it's just a melange of  some of my past work since I'm still painting walls...

November 8, 2010

My Artistic Contribution for the Day

While  at the art show everyone else was busy photographing art,  I spotted this leaf casting its shadow on the trunk of a tree and took it at an angle.
It's as though  the leaf is saying " I see my shadow .... therefore I am"  .. Out of about 150,000 people at the show, I think it's my exclusive.. ! and Sherry pointed out the heart shape of the shadow. ! !

November 3, 2010

Peter Anderson Festival

I'll be leaving for the Peter Anderson Festival  in Ocean Springs Ms.  very close to Biloxi and some friends. It's a huge juried show.    Every year they  ask me to come up to see it and every year other matters have kept me from going..  I'm  so looking  forward to it and will keep you all posted with photos and other art related 'stuff' ' . Stay tuned, it should be fun.