August 30, 2017


Haven't done a piece in pencil in a long time.  And looking back at my last two posts I'd say I'm in my 'cat period'. 

August 27, 2017

Orange Cats

No secret... I love cats! I've just painted these 2 . I've done similar ones before, they are beautiful.The first one is the 
Cat Nap and the one below has amazing amber eyes. 

August 20, 2017

Harmony Hills

My blogging friend Debbie from View From Harmony Hills gave me permission to paint this from a photo near her home. I think it's heaven here on earth.  Debbie has the most awesome photos, words and inspiration on her blog.. I can never visit there without feeling peace of mind, and seeing the beauty of nature. 
Thanks Deb... 
  I can't speak for the quality of the photos because it's my first time doing this from laptop.  (which has been OOO for months. ) 

August 13, 2017

Pacific Coast Hgwy

An oil painting I've attempted. This is from a photo I took on the West Coast when I lived out there in the late eighties.   Not especially good, but it got me started and maybe I'll attempt a few more. 

August 4, 2017

Moving On

Working on some new watercolors to add in my Etsy shop.
There's more coming. 
And I've started working in oils.  Been a long time and want to see how that goes.  

Some detail ....