December 31, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!            


December 17, 2016

Merry Christmas !!

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends near and far. 
Thank you for all your support and visiting me the past eight years here in my 'Place'. 
If you would like to see my more personal writings you can follow me on my 'Journey' blog. 
Barbra Joan 

December 15, 2016


I've painted the tuxedo cat before and enjoy it every single time. It's for sale in my 
Etsy Shop as are many of my pieces. 
I painted just about every bit of this with my newest brush. Large and love it . 

November 3, 2016

Testing the Medium

  Must be 2 years that I've wanted to try torn paper collage. 
So, finally did  .. I've got the idea of it, but now need to work on my composition, and other elements of it. 
I chose this subject mostly because I've seen Derek Gores work and was inspired by it .. 
I'll try it again, with other subjects ..

October 25, 2016

The Flamingo

Happy to say "The Flamingo " has been accepted as part of an exhibit at the Tall Timbers Conservatory in Tallahassee Fl. 
This is a 16" x 20" watercolor .

October 5, 2016

New Work

While everyone is waiting on hurricane Mathew, I've been painting. It doesn't look like our area will be affected. 
These are some that will be put into my Etsy shop.  It's been doing pretty good. I've sold a good number of small works, and have no complaints.. There are over 50 paintings in there, and I find the more the better your chances are of selling.
Paintings of unknown people don't sell but put it in here anyway... ... 
 The End !!!   for now.

September 16, 2016

Country Day

Just a small and quick painting this morning.. I can't seem to get a serious piece going. But I'm happy that I'm swinging that brush.. LOL ! 

September 6, 2016

More !!!!

Lately I've been exploring stylized art.. It's interesting and I gave it a try here after seeing it on a video.  These are a couple of bookmarks that I made using that style ..

September 4, 2016

Extras !!!

Fun Stuff...  Whenever I sell through my Etsy shop I always include a bookmark.
By the same token , whenever I buy through Etsy I've received extras with my purchase.
  I don't know anywhere else that happens.  Does Amazon send you anything? Nope.
I'll take a small sheet of watercolor paper, and can do 8 or 10 at one time.. It's relaxing and
yeah, fun stuff.  
 Yes, this was fun stuff too. .  !!! 

August 22, 2016

Sketchin' Away

 I've been doing a lot of sketching lately, using a big brush . Also some pen and ink work without any color..
Oh yes, and some bad compositions too. ! lol 

July 26, 2016

The Hippie Chick 2

Hi All,  been attempting to paint.  My computer is not cooperating so hope this one came out on here. In person I feel the skin tones are a bit warmer.  Watercolor of course...16x20 .

July 6, 2016

It's Just Beachy

The Lifeguard Station .. Just a small painting that I wanted to do...

July 3, 2016

Have just done a few sunflowers.. Been putting the paint to paper and it's coming back to me.. Starting to feel inspired and to do what I love to do the most.. 
Happy 4th to everyone in blogland.. 
Barbra Joan 

June 30, 2016

Haven't done a whole lot of painting lately, but I AM doing 
some.  I couldn't not paint this lady.. no one I know, but she had some interesting features.  I also used artistic license to do my own thing..

June 11, 2016

Something Different.


Sometimes we paint something just because we want to see if we can... so that's what happened here. It's watercolor, and it was fun... HMMMM ! did I say that?
Flower painters CAN paint motorcycles.. YES!!! 

May 30, 2016

This is an oldie, sold awhile ago, but I wanted to see it here
for now... It let's me remember that I did paint it. 
 Something will inspire me to start again, but so far no.

May 18, 2016

A Happy Little Girl.

Yes she was a very loved, very happy little girl. 
 But little girls grow up, life happens and things change.
We make choices. Some were good, some were not. Some things are out of our hands, not asked for but given to us.
I'm not able to post just yet, but have had so many emails and some comments on my blogs wondering where I am. 
 I just wanted to thank you all for that, and know I appreciate it so very much. Well I'm still looking for myself.
We all go through trials in this life. Think about this. 
 The times we are sad never last, the times we are happy never last. Everything moves constantly in waves..I've not stopped swimming yet.

I did fine with the skin cancer on my face, gone, and healed.   Just another wave. See you all soon. 
Soon as I start painting again, I'll be here. 
Barbra Joan 

April 15, 2016

New Work

I've uploaded these to my Etsy shop. 

                    "Spring Has Sprung"

                  " The Old Timer"

February 14, 2016


A small watercolor from a photo taken around the area.

February 5, 2016

Sketchin' ... Yes Again!

Somehow I got into this sketching craze. And I can't stop. 
I've ordered two online courses .. it all has to do with Urban Sketching . I had no idea this was all going on behind my back! 
I've not done a lot of  'sketching', and it's nothing like painting a watercolor painting.  I'm very traditional in my watercolors.
     Now here I am with pen? ink? watercolor?  
Yes, and I'm liking it a lot .  These are some of the practice sketches from the class.

  Doors and Windows...Windows and Doors.
Oh, and people too. !  well they're supposed to be people. This was done on a scrap of paper and lying nearby, so I'm sharing it .
 You get the idea... Maybe?   and then a bit more serious painting.
It's a Jade plant.  

January 30, 2016


Started this  art journal last summer. Nothing in particular and everything in general.. So here's a peek at it. 
The front cover first,  and it's getting so thick and chunky. I like that. 
Then some inside pages, things I did or places I went to, or just something I like. 

and of course always some art work ...

We can't forget about Nature .
Lots of STUFF 
So there you go... and maybe I'll put some on my "Journey Blog" 

January 12, 2016

Country Wash 2

Just a small painting which was a part of a larger, but never was happy with that... Isn't cropping wonderful?  

January 9, 2016

The Pink Flamingo

 From Christmas cards to Pink Flamingos...  this is one I'm offering on Etsy so decided to post it here for you bloggers that don't get over there. You can by clicking on the sidebar that says Etsy.  Right about now I need a pink bird in my life. lol ! 
Nothing says Florida like a flamingo...