February 27, 2014

3? maybe 5?

Wanting to do a series of fruits and veggies to mat and frame for my kitchen..  Found these on Wet Canvas .. I need one more... maybe a red pepper for a series of three.   
I've also taken the bold step of signing in RED. 

February 23, 2014

You Know It's Around the Corner When...

Painted this just this morning . It was a quick one and I see lots of
'shoulda', coulda'  etc.  But the whole idea of this painting is that I know when my blogging friends up north, and across the pond,  see the crocus peeking through the snow, they know it's not far from Spring..

February 12, 2014

Strawberry Festival Art Show

The annual Strawberry Festival starts in 2 weeks. 
 Plant City, Florida is known for it's strawberry farms.  People come from all over to be at the festival.. Of course more than strawberries are there. It's from Feb. 27 - Mar. 9. 
Our art guild puts on an art show, which I've participated for the past 2 years and again this year.
 This year I was asked to donate a painting for the raffle which benefits a scholarship that we support.. So above is my donation. I hope it goes to a good home.. I painted it a couple years ago.. it's matted and in a 16x20" frame.
As for an entry into the judged show I'll be putting in 'Prima' the  ballerina girl. While I'm at it I'm posting another finished piece that I did recently .. (below)

A young Jamaican girl.. I believe I found the photo on Wet Canvas, one of the copyright free sites for artists.. I have another site that I use and can never remember which one .   BJ