March 20, 2013

When things go wrong!!

You start out with high hopes, the perfect photo (Carrie Layne Mashon on PMP)  and I loved the subject.
 Working on the painting, and it went along fairly well, started to see things I wasn't happy about, the thought went through my mind . "I'll do it again only much larger. "  'this is just a study. ok ...
Put in an 11x14 mat and the painting was too small.  White all around. It's a standard size mat, and yes I could get a custom one, but it's not worth it.  Not the first time I've done that, but it WILL be the last .. 
Anyway, here's the painting such as it is.. and put into a much smaller mat.. !!    BJ  

March 17, 2013


An update to this post... No I haven't gone bird brain, but in order to keep painting every day, (as I do right now) I need small studies to keep my brush in that paint and water. So I've come up with a series of birds and other small subjects. This Mute Swan (photo from Gary Jones ) was yesterdays and you've probably already seen the crow and the ostrich.