April 27, 2012

Something Pretty?

I apologize for not remembering where I got this. My brain is still fuzzy. Did this on back of a scrap piece of Bristol smooth.. I'd really like to do this in a large watercolor. Well to me 11x 14 is large.  LOL !   BJ

April 25, 2012

Wound Up Tight !!

Day after I got home I started this pencil drawing of the rope.
I chose this for the texture,  light , darks, and possibly because I felt wound up like this . 
I knew if I could submerge myself in something this detailed I'd have less time to think about myself.  It worked.  8"x10" . BJ


April 23, 2012

Hi Everyone !

  While recuperating at home, I've been doing some journal pages in a small book. Daily doings, more of a diary rather than art. That will come in time..
Right now it's all about getting to walk without the use of help, and do the things that came easy before the surgery.
   Progress is a daily thing, but it's 2 weeks tomorrow and I think it's going fine... Here's a few pages from my journal.. and on my  Journey blog too.. BJ  

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, Happy Springtime

 Springtime thoughts to all my friends. 
 I'll be doing the surgery thing next week, (no, not my face) lol ! I wish!! Have a great week and remember if your quiet in the garden, you'll hear what the flowers are saying ! see you next week ..
hugs, BJ

April 2, 2012


Thanks to Sharon at Wildflower House  where I first saw the idea for calander pages. I had to make one .
 I will still add some critters at the ground.
And the top is cut off due to my professional photography skills , but you get the idea.   BJ  
  P.S. I've had so many emails on this , remember it wasn't my idea but click on the name above and it'll take you to  Sharons  and further into it. I'm going to make one for every month..