November 20, 2015

Cape Ann

This is the painting of Cape Ann .. My former blog I'd posted a sketch of it and decided to paint an 11x14" on Arches CP . 
I've been on the pen/ink with w/c washes lately and haven't done any what I call 'real painting' ... Putting it into my Etsy shop.

November 18, 2015

A Small Painting/Sketch

Yes, a small sketch , but I am considering it a study for a larger one. I've also done a value sketch of it .. I see the areas that need work and will do it on Arches w/c paper... so fingers crossed..
oh, this is the lighthouse in Cape Ann, MA.  

November 12, 2015

It's Country !

After taking photos of barns and hills, from the surrounding areas,
 I decided to put together a few paintings of country settings.. Since I've not done any painting in a while I found it challenging.. However I went back to the lessons learned from the workshop I took with Joyce Hicks a year ago September.. Her basic principals, light,  dark, warm , cool and  a lot of other things I confess I can't remember.. but I enjoyed it .

 This old barn inspired me. So I tried to turn it into a house. LOL !