June 28, 2011

A Letter Re-posted

 Today  (the 29th)  is a  rememberance day  for me..  My dad passed away 15 years ago, and at Christmas 2010 I wrote a  'Christmas Letter ' to him  and posted it on my blogs... While reading it tonight I went to correct an error and somehow it's been deleted.   Today I'd like to re-post it and remember these good times with him.. He was a very special man in my life.  
 A Christmas Letter ..
Although I've thought of my Dad often in the past thirteen years...its this week that I've missed him most, so I write this one time to you Dad.
   When I was a little girl, you took me everywhere with you,  deep sea fishing off the coast of New Jersey ..  to NYC to see everything from the Empire State Building, Radio City Christmas Show, the Statue of Liberty, and  when we went to Coney Island I'd make you ride that roller coaster  with me over and over .  And you never said no. 
You taught me how to ride a bike, fly a kite,  build a snowman,  and  made me that real little house in the backyard. I put curtains on the windows.
 You taught me my love for animals and all living things..  We took care of  injured wild birds and rabbits, you'd make a box for them  and if I cried when they didn't make it, you'd say " Barbra , you can't save all of them you know, you just do what you can".
 On Sunday mornings you'd drive out to that little  airport and  we'd watch the planes take off and land.. Somehow you managed to get a pilot to take me up for a ride in a small plane. And when Mom found out she had a fit. 
We'd hike in the woods and go target shooting. You'd take me to the christening of the  new big ships at the shipyard when you still worked there.
   We'd go to your welding shop on Saturdays  and  you showed me how to weld.  Then taught me to drive my first car and bought a red convertible because I liked it.. And Mom had another fit !!  You were the first one I saw when I woke up in the hospital .. more than once.
 I thought you had the strength of 10 men , you could do anything and make everything alright. I remember  the night we lost Louis,  you  looked right at me and said " This is the ONE thing I can't do for you". And I knew you were right because you never lied to me. .
   I learned so much from you Dad.  Any good that I am it was from you.. and the not so good ...  you were still there for me every single time.
  Every Christmas you and I would go and get the tree, I'd bother you for weeks ahead of time.. I was good at that...  and finally  you'd  say 'ok , time to get the tree ',  and then with all the patience in the world you'd help me put it up and decorate it.
This time of year brings back lots of  those memories,  and I have not forgotten a single one .  If  I were given just one wish for Christmas, I would ask that every little girl be blessed with a Dad like I had. What a beautiful world this would be.
  from your daughter Barbra,
Merry Christmas Dad

June 25, 2011


 Staying in my comfort zone.  Flowers, it's what I  do.. this was quick, easy, and I like it .!!!!

June 21, 2011

For Today

Most of my writings are on my Journey blog  .
These are a pencil sketch from last week and a watercolor ( lets call it a sketch also) that I did around the same time...    Lately I'm having a problem committing my self to anything serious... and to top that off.... my photos of these are not good,  'The Force'  is not with me today.. !!!    BJ   

June 6, 2011

     Suddenly out of nowhere comes this urge to get back to painting and going out on a limb  (that means No Flowers .
I've always liked painting people,  women mostly , lets face it . they're prettier..  so I did a couple 30 minute  ... ok ok   40 min.. w/c sketches, wanted to stay loose, I think I did just that . drips and drops and all...    BJ 

June 4, 2011

Well It's MY Blog ! !

Sure, I've posted this on my Art Hearts Journey,  not all of you go there.   ~ Barbra Joan in a Sandbox'~   I was  about 4 years old. Cute kid, so what happened??
  I did the painting a few years ago, and this is what happens when you haven't painted for about a month.. You start looking back and getting all nostalgic.. This kid with the wiley hair is announcing that 
  " Summers Here!  Come on out and play. !"  BJ