July 23, 2013

It's A Flower Thing.

I haven't posted in a while .. as we all know life gets in our way...
darn!!! I do come to your blogs and see what you all have been doing.
Yesterday I put this one down on paper.. and wanted to share it with you..  It was just in some flower book not the best,  but better than not doing anything at all......Thanks for coming by and all your emails.
Barbra Joan 

July 8, 2013


Remember my 'Life is a String of Beads' painting?
I post it to remind myself of the meaning of it . Each bead is an event in my life. Some beautiful, bright  and some dark, somber but each one goes onto the next  and then the next.  And then another. 
  So right now I'm going through some rough times physically  and of course that affects us mentally.
 I'm not sure what anyone would call it but I always think that I'm going to round the corner and it's going to be alright.. something good is right there. So I keep on looking  ahead to get to that corner.  It's just what I do.
 Whenever I had to go through a bad time, my mother would say these words to me .."Make Courage Barbra". I've kept that with me all my life,
( I've always said I should have made a sign or a needlepoint with that quote from her.) lol ! What she was saying was 'face up to it ' so I try to do it .. It helped every time, but once .  
For now, thank you my blogging friends for all your kind words.

Barbra Joan

July 5, 2013

A Work In Progress.

Tired of looking at the barn?  Me too!  This is a  large  pencil drawing still very much in the working stage .. I was inspired by something I saw on the ship.  ... I want it for my own wall and have been working on it for the past few weeks.  
I'm posting it now because life is getting in the way of my art. And who knows what's to be... Only the Wizard of Oz  and he's not talking. Yet!!
My scheduled July 9 surgery has been put on hold while I have to see a cardiologist. Oh ..  it could either mean a reschedule or other problems.. So for now I'll leave this on here, when finished I'll post it ... BJ
p.s. Sorry but I've lost  your comments as I'd mistakenly posted it on my Art Hearts Journey blog.