August 25, 2011

Doodling with Paint

Sometimes I will do something quick and this was on a sheet of paper that I was doodling with paint...  It's just card size..   First one to send an address  ( on the comment page.)  or em me can have it  mailed to them..     Go ahead you can pick  the flowers.     BJ

August 20, 2011

Johns' Fuschia

I still didn't get this right but never will.  Gave it my best effort though.   BJ  

August 15, 2011

Happiness Is !

Well I need to pick something  positive for today, so how about my brand new business cards that just came in the mail.. !
I designed it myself, then went to Vistaprint online and I'm happy with them.  So now when people ask for my website, I'll just say " Here's my card."  
 After making art all these years  my card. !! They will probably outlast me.. LOL !     BJ  

August 10, 2011

What I've been doing

   I've been working on a series of watercolors,  of women...   they're not portraits, they just represent a softer  feminine touch to this otherwise world in turmoil... They aren't even good , ,but news of the day is bad and it gets worse ... I want to do something about it,  but can not...  so I'm painting pretty things.  No, not hiding out , just frustrated, disappointed in the state of affairs  both here and around the world.  What a mess!
I'm beginning to wonder who and what we are .  Oh,  let me just go paint   .  It  saves  my sanity.  BJ

August 2, 2011

'Gillys Flower'

    This was painted from a reference photo on a website  forum that  I belong to  called JWJarts  .  click on to the  link to get there..   The name of the flower  is not in my head right now.. so I named it Gillys' Flower since she is the artist who posted it there.   Enjoy!       BJ