September 30, 2010

A Re-post !

Just posting  a few pieces that I did a while back .. I think , in fact I know it's somewhere in the blog,.. but since I'm not painting  for a few days .. thought you might like to see some past work.  Thanks for all your words and prayers . It  helps get through some  of the more difficult days of this past week.

September 28, 2010

Not About Art Today

You need not read this.. it's neither about  art or  joyful or a fun post today, but one that I want to write.  It's  about my son that I lost quite some years ago, on the 28th of Sept.,  but still sits like a hard rock inside of my heart.  He was a very young man and I had little time to say goodbye.  Time does not heal All wounds.  I wrote the following words just a few weeks after he died... Sometime later I joined a group called The Compassionate Friends, a national organization that counsels parents who have lost a child. They published  my poem  and I write it just as it was written there.  He was just 26 years old.
     " The following is a poem written by a member Barbra Araneo, two weeks after her son was killed on his  motorcycle . She expresses  the love for her son, every Moms feelings. Barbra is now a resident of Tampa and is working hard on her recovery road. She is a lady with a tremendous abundance of courage."

     To my son  Louis,
You were my heart from the very start
and now  I'll not know why.... until I die we had to part.
Just like a bird that is born free, you lived your life,
and when you left thats how I had to let you be.

You were taken from this world much too soon,
and I ask myself...... Why?... was there no room?
There are no words that can be said
To help me stop the tears I shed.

This pain in my heart will only know joy
when once again I see my boy
Until that day comes.... I'll not be free
For you were my heart and always will be.
I think I need to add this... He was a part of this world, our world,  a big part of my life, he loved  nature, all animals, watersports, a fantastic mechanic, and artistic in his work customizing vans  and  loved life. He made me cry, he made me laugh, and most of all he  made me love.  I wanted you all to know him just because I did.

September 26, 2010

Sophistication / Pencil....again

Most of you know this is my own personal favorite pencil piece, and  my first serious large drawing..  Again, nothing more than pencils, paper and kneaded eraser and the desire to do it...I still like it as much now as the day I finished it... just my two cents worth.!

September 23, 2010

I have days where I have to put something on paper, this was one of those days.
Not one of mine though I do have three and have painted them already.....

September 18, 2010

Looking Out For You

I finished this pencil piece this week, and have posted my WIP and the finished  drawing.. this was taken from the copyright- free site ... Wet Canvas.  Beauty is not always in smooth skin, beautiful eyes, it's more of an inner feeling you get,  rather than a visual sight. I've drawn beautiful women, gorgeous eyes, and  also saw something beautiful in this old womans wrinkled skin.... BJ

September 17, 2010

Barbra Joan

Thought it was time to post a recent photo so you all can see just who it is your writing to.  Sure a few years have passed, more than a few life experiences, but I'm still trying to travel that road gracefully..  lets just say as long as I don't fall and can't get up!!! 

September 4, 2010

My Mind is Scattered!! Really?

No, your not missing anything, there is no post of a painting, drawing, even a doodle. My mind the past few days is scattered, lack of concentration , motivation, inspiration..We all go through it, I know , and think it will never pass. I've had these times where it lasted for weeks,months and one time for 3 years. ... I think maybe tomorrow I'll paint a poppy, that always puts me in a good frame of mind and maybe the beginning of something .. We'll see..