September 29, 2013

My Corner of the World

Although this room is a sunporch and large part of that corner is my best spot ... I can see the small lake, lots of light, and quiet.
I'm back from a four day trip to Biloxi, Ms. to see friends and have a little R&R.  Forget about surgery etc... I feel fine... a few little hitches here and there, but I have an amazing Dr. who has performed a miracle on my hip.
This  coming Sat. there is a small art show going on... I'm participating at the Art at the Cottage with my art guild.. the infamous EHAG ... oh come on now,, you know I've told you what that stands for.. Anyway, I feel good enough to do this event for about 6 hours..   It's being held in the beautiful old garden back of the Antique Cottage right here in town.. See you soon and I'll take pics.. to share...  p.s. good to be back ... BJ

September 17, 2013

Part of Florida

Most artists paint scenes from their local area. 
I used to paint palms, sand, water but haven't done any of that lately..
I live in a more rural area of Florida,  but a short drive away will take me to scenes like this..
I kept the palms loose, not crazy about the sailboat, but you get the idea... BJ

September 15, 2013

Apple Branch

Well it's apple time again. Still working on this and needs a few well places shadows. Slow going,  this getting back in the groove, but I'm needing some new works for the Antique Cottage Art Show on Oct. 5.  
 My EHAG  group will be there... yes, yes, I know ... LOL !  That lovingly  stands for East Hillsborough Art Guild.
We take a lot of kidding around about that. !!  

Hoping I'll be up to it.. as it's in a lovely garden setting. I'll take pics and post here. We grow no apples in Florida that I know of , so this was from a photo by Max Hemingway, Happy Sunday all ... BJ   

September 12, 2013

A Is for Apple

This was all I could do for now, but I hadn't picked up the brushes since the surgery.  I figure it's a start and I'm surprised I didn't paint a pear.. Whenever I've not painted for a while, I paint pears.
Nice to be back.  Thanks for all your words, comments and prayers.