February 28, 2015


A recent pencil drawing. Haven't done any pencil works for quite some time, so this was enjoyable... It's in an 11x14 " mat.
Image size 8"x10" . Using a small range of Derwent Graphic pencils. It is for sale on my Etsy shop.

February 27, 2015


'Party on my Head' took a fourth place award in the Pro Division, Graphics and Mixed Media Category at the Plant City Strawberry Festival.
I was especially pleased as the competition was tough, and the judge is an international artist.. So yes, I'm happy about it ..
I'll be at the show for a 4 hour shift on Sat. eve.
WELL ! someone has to guard the masterpieces . LOL !
The show runs for ten days.  Hey , it's why Plant City is on the map.  Barbra Joan 

February 10, 2015

This One...

ok, I like this one better... 
 Yes, I'm talking to myself ...

February 8, 2015

Flowers #2

Using my flower vase as inspiration and some of what I learned from the workshop last Sept. I did this still life.  
I photographed it as a WIP .. Funny after you photograph it, you do see all the "what did I do that for?" 
However this is how it came together..  I may do a smaller version for my Etsy shop.  
A light sketch for placements ... the one thing I know is not right, and that's the flower placements.. Trying to get five in there. 
Putting the second wash .And for those who think I don't get messy.
I do like the color, the setup, everything about it .. the looseness, 
BUT composition was wrong from the start... sooo, I'll do it again and pay more attention to that very first step.
I'll hang this in my bedroom because it makes me happy to look at it.   

February 3, 2015

Time Out!

Time out for painting, drawing and the arts. This photo is of an old 
water cooler. Not sure how it worked but it has sat in my house for years.Kind of summery all year long .. and possibly would make a good painting.. if anyone would like to try it... feel free. 

P.S. Some of you have asked me what this is ... so I've posted 2 new photos up close ... I don't know what's missing on it possibly a spout of some sort at the bottom... 
It was laying on the ground of a friend about 15 years ago, I admired it and she gave it to me.. It has always been on this table.