January 11, 2011

A Few Past Favorites !

 I'm posting some of my personal  favorites. Pencil work and watercolor. You have to scroll down to view the watercolors too.  Start of the new year will bring new work, but it might be a while. 


January 5, 2011

Re-Post !! I'm Happy !

Same painting as below,  and ever since I posted I knew something was missing.... I know I said I was almost happy... so I've added the darks in a few places ... you can definetly see where.. Now I feel better creatively and emotionally, and all your  posiive thoughts came through and helped me to do that...  Thanks a bunch. !!

January 4, 2011

Todays Painting! Peony

I always say I can't paint when I'm  upset!  Well, I'm upset and came up with this in the past half hour!  I'm almost , almost happy with it! !   just lightly drew it out . (I believe it was from Wet Canvas..)  palette, Permanent Rose, Ultra Blue for the shadows and New Gamboge a little mix here/there  and lots of  water. These colors, this flower is good for what ails you !!!  (and me too) !