October 31, 2011

For Today

'Redd' ~ Watercolor
'Angie' ~ Pencil .

'Cats Eyes' ~ Graphite and Colored Pencil
The Lioness ~ Pencil
Hi all, I was asked  by my Art Guild to hang some pet portraits in a local Pet Resort.. I don't know why they call it a resort now,, but it's also a hospital for the animals.  They wanted 3, I brought 5 and they hung all of them.. They will stay there for 2 months, until the end of Dec. The Tiger was one ( below in the last post.) and these are the others.

October 25, 2011

Ok, so I've had another birthday, and it was a 3 day celebration!!
Friends came and stayed for it.  Of course Ray (my cousin/brother)was there too.

One photo was taken in May this year and one  during one of the  past three days,, but can't remember which day, and that's water I'm drinking...  lol!   BJ

October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!

 A birthday card that I made last night and will get into the mail today.   BJ

October 17, 2011

October 10, 2011


Angie W/C .  She's a mixed breed, (spare parts)  . I tried to capture her in this painting, but have the nose somehow too short.  She has a big 'shnoz' as I tell her. Short legs, longish body, honestly she is comical looking but lights up my life every day. Now 16, I rescued her from the shelter at 5 years old and was thinking she'd never bond with me.. because she'd had a previous owner.. I couldn't have been more wrong.. below, is where she was while I painted her.  BJ    

October 1, 2011

Art in the Park Day

Although the only sales I know of was from the Pottery man. It was my first 'outside'  art event  The last one was a demo thing..  What lacked in sales  today was made up in the experience and all that I learned,  too much to tell here, but from my grids being backwards, oh yes,  needing stakes in the ground,  pricing, where to get prints made, framing,  meeting so many nice people and finally realizing that yes,  maybe I am an artist? !! ..and being accepted by my peers that is the best part. 
  My art was so well received that even I  was surprised.  Just when you reach an age where you think you know everything .  Who would have thought?   
    As to the weather today,  it was the absolute best day of the whole year, no kidding, low 80's , under the trees, lakeside and who could ask for anything more...? 
  For sure, not me.    hugs, BJ