April 22, 2013

Thank you All

Thank you  to all my blogging friends that have wished me well. I will still post as time allows.
For now a little painting I did today as a Challenge on one of the websites I belong to at http://www.jwjonline.net...Yes
 a flower .... and besides, it's almost summertime.. BJ 

April 20, 2013

A Journey and More

Although not much painting, all is not lost as I'm working on a few other projects. 
In a few weeks, May 7th I'll be leaving Florida for the West Coast . A very generous invitation from a dear old ( no she's not that old ) friend which will take me to Washington state, a week long cruise to Alaska,  and trips to Oregon and northern California . I'll be back  in Florida sometime early July.
I'll definetly be here, blogging .. so check in with me if you can, I know I'll be looking at what your doing..
 When I get back I'm scheduled for a surgery on August 13. No, not life threatening, but surgery is tough .. I remember last years.
 A close family member has been very much clouding my thoughts for  the last 3 years.  I always hope for a reunion, and that is always welcome.  
    hugs to all, your friend BJ, and your Mom.


April 6, 2013

Jen says 'Hi'

Jenny's looking out the  bedroom window early this morning. This is one I'll paint. .  

April 2, 2013

Hi All !!!

This little painting turned into a card for an  online friend. And yes, I'm checking on your blogs..
So as you can see I'm still making attempts, could do better, but 
many things are happening in this journey called life. But that's ok,
It only means that you HAVE  a life and should always be thankful for it.      BJ