August 21, 2015

The Inevitable Pears

Whenever I've been away from any real painting I always start up again with the old standby.  !! PEARS !! .
What is it about them that I can get at least a passable rendering with little effort and it seems to put me into that painting mood.  
 So I'm in my 'pear period' again..
Oh,  the other thing is that I've discovered the Gelli Printing plate... Yes, I'm playing with a new toy.  I sent for one after reading and watching videos about this printing with a gelatin plate. 
I hear you can make your own, but you all know I don't cook,  (this meant gelatin and water) .  So I ordered one... so much easier. LOL As soon as I get some prints made, Or if I take pics of the process I'll share them with you . 
Heres a pic of the package ... and if you want to really go nutz, then just google Gelli Plate. Or go on Pinterest..The package is sitting on a new book I got, called Painted Papers...

August 3, 2015

Watercolor Canvas Board?

    A few weeks ago I came across this pack of 3 Watercolor Canvas Boards.  Now maybe I'm a little behind the times, but I'd never seen watercolor 'canvas'.  So today I tried this little 5x7" and I must say it was a very different experience.. It's like painting on canvas, so what's the deal?  Totally different than paper, and it says it is primed with acrylic to accept any kind of media. WELL !