October 31, 2014

Always Flowers

A small 8x10" ... I'll always paint flowers. Because that makes me happy ! .. BJ

October 28, 2014


Well if I could have stayed I would !  The Joyce Hicks workshop was wonderful..From Day 1 to the end I never stopped learning something. Landscapes, and working in transparent watercolors,
and Joyces mantra  " Never revisit a brushstroke." 
  At the end of 4 days she had lots of demos and full paintings, then had a raffle .. Since there were six of us,  we all won something.
I was thrilled to get the one below.. 
As to staying right on the beach what can I say... it was beautiful.
Yes, got some sand in my toes , and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. .. So now I'm back and hope to apply what I've learned to my own paintings.. BJ 

October 17, 2014


A few years back I did a humming bird on a coneflower and it took second place at a local art show.. 
I like that painting, so decided to paint it again and offer it in my Etsy Shop... This one is smaller 8x10" in the mat. 
I seem to be doing a lot of birds lately ?  HMMMMM ! 
Bird-brained. !!!   

October 13, 2014

Mrs. Robinson Again.

I've painted this robin several times from photos that a friend in England sent me.. This robin is almost like a pet.. 
I'm trying to learn how to 'pour' paint, so that's how the branch was done, but it's losing something in the translation... the poured paint is supposed to be a part of all of it ... I'm just not getting it. !

October 12, 2014

 I've written about my upcoming workshop Watercolor Landscapes on my  'Journey'  blog and where I'll be staying.
Yesterday I drove there, sort of a 'dry run.'  Went to the Suntan Art Center.. where the class is being held.  What a great facility.  Large light classroom.. even a full kitchen !!! oh you know I'll not be using that. But I peeked in.... LOL !!!  
There was a watercolor class going on.. I listened in for a few minutes.. too bad I couldn't have hidden under one of the tables.. It looked like such fun... 
  Right now painting and wanting to get more stock into my Etsy shop... I've had one sale... and from what I hear,, it takes a long while. I did this once before and it must have been a rare event, as I sold five paintings within a very short time... Well, that's alright I can wait..

October 8, 2014

In the Tropics

Painting this a.m.  Actually I've painted just about every day since the 'challenge' ended and I opened the Etsy.  I believe it's all about being 'seen'... Unbelievable amount of talented artists out there.
You are like a needle in the haystack...But you know me, I'll paint anyway..  
This one above is in an 8x10" mat .. as are all the ones on Etsy. 
 I now use almost all transparent watercolors.. Once  the light bulb went on  in my head , I'm finding painting much easier.. I know what mixes with what. Hey ! it only took me 25 years... LOL ! 

October 5, 2014

Etsy Shop Open !

No, I haven't been resting up from the Challenge! Busy opening the Etsy Shop . It's changed a lot (for the better).  And that means typing and filling in every little concern for the customer.
 The shop, yourself, the item of course, photos, explanations covering shipping, shop policies, payments, on and on.. Well it's open to the public..  I've already sold a painting.. and they are all originals, no prints..

One of the problems about trying to sell on a blog is this....
Think about it ....Everyone who visits your blog is an artist, and if they are like me have tons of artwork of their own.. . I paint for my self as I found I cannot not paint.. if that makes any sense. 
The art exhibits and art shows are few and far between where I live.

If you 'd like to see the shop, click on the Etsy button on the right sidebar.
I've just started by listing about a dozen small paintings, all 
( I think) from the challenge and I offer them at very reasonable prices..  There will be more added all the time.. as yes, I intend to paint a lot more... BJ