September 4, 2014

Day #4

This is Mrs. Robinson. A real live robin who lives in the UK. 
I've painted her a few times. (In different poses) LOL ! 
She is now  day #4 on the 30 in 30 days challenge. You can find her on Slices of Life Leslie Saetas blog.    Mrs. R is in there around #67. No, none of mine are masterpieces, but it keeps that brush going.
Amazing to see all the hundreds of artists that are posting.. 
So now I'm dancing as fast as I can. (almost)  BJ
So away I go.... 


  1. A whole Wall of your paintings would be cool to see! Maybe a gallery will come calling? Nice Robin!

  2. She is lovely., I've been trying to draw each day for 10 min. extra. I already have missed one! ha ha.. sending you a big hug,,Diana

    1. Thanks Diana, wish you had joined the challenge.
      Not too late you know. BJ

  3. Your gentleness continues to shine through, my friend. I love what you are doing!

  4. Dear BJ - you inspire me with your art. I have been like Diana drawing and painting every day this month. Not posting my endeavors but you are motivating me to take up the challenge.