September 20, 2018

Thank You!

Thank you all.   I asked for help on this and really appreciate each and every comment.. Every one had great suggestions..
I tried to listen to your advice and although I'm sure more could have been done to it,   I'm going to call it finished. I think I've learned something with this one and yes, one of my never ending problems has always been with shadows, contrast, and lost and found edges ..(that's enough) !!

The END !!


September 18, 2018

Still WIP

I've been working on this the last couple days... I should have stopped after 3 hours, called it 'finished', and posted, but oh noooo, not me.  It's a watercolor, about 16x20, and I stuck it behind this old white mat to see if I liked it any better.   I didn't.  But after all my years of painting I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I'm not stopping when I should.. This was a composition of 2 different paintings that I did in the past.   
Possibly softening edges?   When you've never had any professional help and have been painting w/c for 32 years it's very difficult to even know WHAT is wrong.. 
You Just Do !  Any HELP ?

September 2, 2018


Almost finished , just need a bit of color on that left side.
I've started watercolor painting again, not that I was ever far from it.  
But sometimes a break is good. 

August 31, 2018

St. Marks Lighthouse

I've painted this lighthouse before, but I'll post this one on my Etsy site. Watercolor . 
  This is in Apalachee on the St. Marks Bay Florida. That's in the Panhandle area on the northwest coast.
 It has quite a history, built around the 1830's, was occupied by the Confederate troops during the Civil War and has withstood major hurricanes that destroyed the surrounding area.  Today it's preserved and on the National Register of Historic Landmarks.   
Still wild and wooley, right on the bay and surrounded by wildlife and nature.   

August 25, 2018

Oil #2

This appealed to me as I had an old white chair with a tub of flowers on it when I lived in Fremont, Ca.
16x20"  Oil.

August 23, 2018


 Doing some oil painting after being away from it for over 30 years.  Last time I painted in oil was 1984.  I remember it well because it was a defining year of my life as I knew it.

Four years later in 1987 I picked up a brush and started watercolor.  So now here I am doing both .. I'm doing a once a week oil painting class at the local Center here in Tallahassee so it can help me get back into it.. Enjoying it .

My goal was to paint in a more impressionistic style but it isn't going that way. In fact, as you can see it's gone the exact opposite.   But I intend to work at it so as follow in the style of the American painter, Frank W. Benson.  I admire his work, style , palette and subject matter. 
I'll be doing both watercolor and oil, and will post here when I can. Thanks for the visit.
Barbra Joan

May 22, 2018

Watercolor of Jenny

I guess we could say Jenny is my favorite model.. She doesn't mind and she's always here... Don't have to look for her.   An 8x10 matted watercolor.. 

May 8, 2018

David Howell

As an admirer of the artist David Howell I have his book and decided to paint one of is paintings.. Well almost one of his paintings.. He is a master, how can you beat that?. 

I love that he uses a fairly limited palette, but the thing that gets me most is the way his backgrounds and even some of the painting itself is no more than a whisper.. So I had to try it. And will again, using my own photos.

I discovered the use of this palette gives me that soft look that I always like in paintings but never seem to achieve. 


May 6, 2018

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon at Lake Talquin near Tallahassee.  Went there to paint and try to do plein aire.. I never get to do that and have been wanting to..

The start of a painting. 

Then a visit from this six foot long creature and it wouldn't leave. He came almost to waters edge. Once they get on land they can run pretty fast.   It was time for me to say BYEEEE!

May 2, 2018

Country Living

How good is it to sell three pieces to one person.. I guess she likes the country. Photos were taken after they were put into cello sleeves..

Sorry if I've been AWOL.. I had to have some tests done, and my mind was blah... I have a few new problems, things that can be expected at this time of my life.  Can't waste time thinking about it.

April 20, 2018

I Love This !

You all may have seen this before, but I love this picture of my sweet cat Jenny.

April 19, 2018

Country Haven

Worked on this country painting, and first time placing figures in them.  Not really my thing, but wanted to give it some interest.

April 14, 2018

Two Small Works Today

Just a couple little ones done today, and yesterday.  

March 21, 2018

Jens Place Too

Art Hearts Place is also Jens Place.  ! Yes she closed her pretty green eyes at the exact instant of course.!!!

March 2, 2018

Yaaaay! I MADE IT !

At the finish line.  I never doubted I would finish, but have to say it was difficult some days.   This challenge to paint every day really got me moving again. I was also able to add a few new pieces to my Etsy shop. 
Thanks for all the encouragement I received from my blogging friends near and far.
Barbra Joan

March 1, 2018

Day 29 of 30 in 30

Almost there. I enjoyed painting this late last night. 

February 28, 2018

For REAL !

Just yesterday I saw this.  If you want to read it go to my Journey blog . 

Day 28 of 30 in 30

I found my reference photo for this sunflower that I painted and sold a few years ago. So decided I should put something sunny and bright for the Challenge. I enjoyed every minute of painting it. 
We have 2 more to go .WooooHoooo!!

February 27, 2018

Day 27 of 30 in 30

I like to do these little cottage style houses. Most of these you'll see 'across the pond'.  

February 26, 2018

Day 26 of 30 in 30

Yes this is for today.  I know pears are not blue and green but I've heard that if the values are right then any subject  can be any color.  So blue pears it is.   

February 25, 2018

Day 25 of 30 in 30

This is a Blue Heron that lived on the lake behind my house. He was stalking a fish for dinner when I took this.  
Well I suppose today brings us to just 5 more days.  Easy peasy !  We're doin' it.! 
Thank goodness my internet is connected today. No problem (so far) . 

February 24, 2018

BIG trouble with my internet service all day.  So here it is 5:30 p.m. and I'm on another pc.  Finally able to post my giant of a watercolor.  LOL ! Actually I was sure I wasn't going to post it at all, and yes I was more than  upset.  I'm on the last week of the challenge and to not be able to get this on would not be good.   
I live right outside the Capital of the State, and our reception on internet goes in and out.  Go figure.  I hate to say how much time I wasted today trying to do this.. Any way hey, it's not the end of the world. Right?

February 23, 2018

Day 23 of 30 in 30

I've decided that the last week of this challenge I'll do a different version of a pear or two.  I love painting pears, it's a subject that you can test your washes and values.  Kind of do what you want.
Nope, pears don't mind what you do with them.

February 22, 2018

Day 22

Day 22 ... I've done some small sketches in my Stillman & Birn sketchbook and decided to post a few of them this week. 
I'm still painting every day and I'm very sure this is just what I needed to do ... It's put me right into that mindset that I like. Since February is a short month, 28 days, we have til March 2. That will be thirty days.  

February 21, 2018

Day 21 of 30 in 30

Another day, another painting. I took this photo 4 years ago on the beach in St. Pete.  I was on a wonderful  3 day workshop event, my first and only one. At night the sunsets on the beach are amazing so I made sure to capture a few. But nothing beats being there.   

February 20, 2018

Day 20 of 30 in 30

I'm very late with my post today.  I painted this one this morning, but the morning went into afternoon.  This is my second or third window I did.. I've always liked this scene .. windows with flower boxes and have done a lot of sketches of them.  But when it came to this mornings painting... uh oh! .. but here is the end result.  
See you tomorrow.  

February 19, 2018

Day 19 of 30 in 30

This was my grandmothers old enamel pot. She used to keep her olive oil in it.  But now it holds flowers. 

February 18, 2018

# 18 on 30 in 30

A little late this morning but here is peace and tranquility. 

February 17, 2018

Day 17 of 30 in 30

We're moving right along not always easy, but over the halfway mark.  Thought a little something Florida for today.  

February 16, 2018

Day 16 -30 in 30

Paradise is today's Challenge post. Just finished and have to post on the Challenge site.