August 21, 2013

Getting There!

You want a drawing?? ok here it is lol !!!
This is my big attempt , I'm doing good after only 2 weeks today.
Learning to walk like a normal person after a year of compensating for the other leg surgery, I'll get there ...
It takes a while, I do remember that. ! There were a few complications this time that I didn't have last year on the other hip.

I want to thank every one of you .... you've written, emailed, posted on my blog... I was overwhelmed by the nice things you said.
Fear not.... I'll be doing that 'Happy Dance' before long..  BJ

August 5, 2013

Just For a Few Days

Always have to do something even if it's a small something.
So here's my recipe card that I made for a delicious cold salad.
See you in a few days after my bionic replacement.  BJ