January 28, 2013

A Series?

I've read that if you save 3 or more of any one thing it's called a collection.
Now that I've just finished my third Flamingo painting I'll call it a series ... I've lived in Florida and never painted them before.
This is my latest one, and the other 2 are somewhere below.
 Although I've seen many in person, this  one was a photo from Wet Canvas.  
It will fit in an 18x24" frame, done on Arches 140lb. c/p  paper. I've used a mix of brown madder, new gamboge, rose madder . Background was mostly from Indigo,  touch of alizarin, and new gamboge, but very little water.  BJ

January 24, 2013


I think Google has fixed the problem with uploading photos.

So posting a few that I've done this week. Painting even a small  one every day has done some good for me both in my skills and mentally. Following Diana's advice I know she picks up that brush just about every day, that's why she's so good ... Trying to catch up with you D.   BJ

A Special Day

My day today has nothing to do with painting.
 If your interested, you can find the story on my
 Art Hearts Journey .. BJ

January 16, 2013

Flamingo #1

I've been painting just about everyday this past week. Living in Florida I see flamingos from time to time , they are as beautiful as they look. 
These were done 11"x14" on Arches c/p 140 lb. paper.
I use a mix of  raw sienna and a touch of Rose Madder, it gives a pinky, peach tone. Lots of water, .. Some cobalt blue for shadow and since I never use tube black it was made by a mix of Thalo blue, alizarin, and a touch of new gamboge. It gives a very intense dark. 
That dark can be adjusted to a greenish black or a warmer black by adjusting the ratio of the pigments.  But very little water.

January 14, 2013

January 13, 2013

Alert The Media !!

A red letter day ! I have just gotten my 200th follower.
Michelle Palmer http://michellepalmerart.blogspot.com/
and happy to have her join in my blog. Michelle is so talented, one of the most creative artists in Blogland. She does it all and does it beautifully, from her paintings, to her collectibles..
Thank you Michelle for joining my blog ... BJ

January 8, 2013

The Three Pears !

Whenever I get that urge to paint pears , I DO ...
Yesterday had a painting afternoon with a friend and we painted pears (again)  . My camera took this with a flash, it's under glass,
 and looks washed out, but you get the idea. Maybe I'll photograph it tomorrow in daylight.
p.s. still problem with the blogger photo uploads, so I'm using Picasa.
 Ok, I've taken another photo this morning to see how it looks in natural light.. I'm not impressed, this one is not exactly it either, so LOL ! lets say it's sort of in between. !!!  
 Also want to mention I've been studying more and more about transparent watercolor. It will help make better watercolor. Clear, fresh and glowing.
An excellent book on this subject is Wonderful World of Watercolor by Mary Baumgartner.  It covers everything you need to know and more.. . I haven't put it down for 2 weeks, and am putting into practice what it teaches... Reading is good, practicing is better.

January 6, 2013

WIP ~ Finis!

            Finished above,  and below as I was working on it.
I may enter this in the art show at our Strawberry Festival that comes around late Feb.  It's in a 16x20" frame , not permanent yet. Although I have trouble with google blogger uploads (right now) I managed to post this using Picasa... BJ

                                       First Wash. I always do the face first. If that doesn't come out well, no sense in going on, but I was ok with it.
                         A little further along refining the facial features and a start on her hair.  

Starting to put in the costume, and working on her braid. She is wearing a huge headress that sits upon the head.

Signed it here, but tweaked it a bit... There are many more steps in between not posted.  Also my photo is a bit pale. Click on any photo to see detail . Thanks for looking.