December 4, 2013

. Life

My bead painting was never so true about life .
Big events, small ones, some bright and shiny and some not so
I keep that painting hung in my bedroom and see it every morning when I wake. I've also posted a small watercolor of a fuchsia and a cover of a journal that I made for a friend. I'm trying to follow that advice.
I'm sure I'll be getting back to this blog at some point.
Right now I need a respite from blogs.
If you care to follow me without much art you can find me at my old blog which is   
Big hugs for all my blogging friends.
Barbra Joan

November 27, 2013

Shady Lady 2 and Mr. Elephant

An older pencil piece  (top).   I hadn't learned the art of softening/blending yet.  And the Elephant is one I just did..
Posting today as I'm not doing any painting except for my walls.. It's tiring and will finish up soon.
  I have the Art Guild Christmas Show in a week, so lots to do..
Missing watercolor painting but will be back to it soon..
Happy Thanksgiving to all.. BJ

November 19, 2013

Is it Live or Memorex?

Some years back I painted these on a porch wooden floor.
Thought you might like to see them. 


November 16, 2013

Not Excactly Painting but.....

My friend Peg out in Washington state calls me last night just to see if I were alright. Reason? No new posts.
Your right Peg and that's because no new painting.
I'm painting my walls !!! That's painting right?
   In the meantime I'll post my art/studio room where I live most of the day. Computer, phone, etc.

The hutch that was saved from Hurricane Katrina and brought here just about a month before that storm.. it holds my small journals, sentimental  'stuff' that I can't live without.
Some of  The Journals. Others have found new homes.
One of about 5 shelves of books and other things close to my heart.

Far corner for painting and right hand side for my zillion other ideas, journal making,  mixed media, sewing  etc. At this end a comfortable loveseat, and my computer just out of sight.
I've always enjoyed looking at other artists work places, tools, equipment, etc.  So here's part of mine.. and Peg, I'm still here.!

November 2, 2013

Fast and Loose

Not making a commitment,  but trying to do a small painting each day. Although Florida is not known for cactus ( too wet) I do have one in a pot and when it blooms has the most colorful flowers.
Kinda like these ... !!!  BJ

October 31, 2013

Mixed Media

Perhaps the fact that I had a recent birthday, or something in the air, that makes me want a change..
 I paint mostly traditional watercolor. Paint, water and brush.
However, just in the past week I've gotten the urge to do watercolors with some papers, text, etc added. Mixed Media .
So this is Numero Uno .. watercolor flowers, handmade papers, text and some touches of gold .. I had no plan, ( do I ever)? just started with the delicate flowers and so on. 
Yes, think I'll play with this for a while..
I've always had my hand in making tiny journals, glue, papers and so the journey continues.. BJ

October 27, 2013

Here Kitty, kitty

From a photo by Gary Jones .. Gary does many close-ups of animals of all kinds.. This is a watercolor just 6 " square on a piece of Arches paper that I didn't want to waste . It's signed way down on the left corner ..
A dear friend of mine is not feeling well so it's on the way to her in the form of a card.. Hope it makes her feel better.

October 20, 2013

Yes! I WON !

Judging for the art show was last Tues. Here it is Sunday and I just find out I won a First Place award for my 'Sunrise Dancer'. She had already given me a 2nd place last February in another show.
and a Second for 'The Gypsy Princess.
Both photos were taken at an angle at the show today so they're a little off. Sorry for the glare.
The Graphite/Pencil ' Gypsy Princess' shows up very faded and blah when it really has a lot of dark and light contrast.  
I had volunteered to stay at the building for 3 hours this afternoon, and it was very enjoyable... Show is over .  BJ

October 5, 2013

Art At the Cottage

Although a beautiful place for an art show, weather perfect this event didn't draw the people as we thought it might.
It was the first time held here and we'll definitely do it again.
It's still hot and humid here and drained me even though it was only 5 hours.  It was shaded by huge live oak trees, plants and flowers everywhere.. I could sleep in a tent right there in that garden.
Lotsa creepy crawly things though.. oh here's a pic of one of the trees loaded with Spanish moss...  BJ

September 29, 2013

My Corner of the World

Although this room is a sunporch and large part of that corner is my best spot ... I can see the small lake, lots of light, and quiet.
I'm back from a four day trip to Biloxi, Ms. to see friends and have a little R&R.  Forget about surgery etc... I feel fine... a few little hitches here and there, but I have an amazing Dr. who has performed a miracle on my hip.
This  coming Sat. there is a small art show going on... I'm participating at the Art at the Cottage with my art guild.. the infamous EHAG ... oh come on now,, you know I've told you what that stands for.. Anyway, I feel good enough to do this event for about 6 hours..   It's being held in the beautiful old garden back of the Antique Cottage right here in town.. See you soon and I'll take pics.. to share...  p.s. good to be back ... BJ

September 17, 2013

Part of Florida

Most artists paint scenes from their local area. 
I used to paint palms, sand, water but haven't done any of that lately..
I live in a more rural area of Florida,  but a short drive away will take me to scenes like this..
I kept the palms loose, not crazy about the sailboat, but you get the idea... BJ

September 15, 2013

Apple Branch

Well it's apple time again. Still working on this and needs a few well places shadows. Slow going,  this getting back in the groove, but I'm needing some new works for the Antique Cottage Art Show on Oct. 5.  
 My EHAG  group will be there... yes, yes, I know ... LOL !  That lovingly  stands for East Hillsborough Art Guild.
We take a lot of kidding around about that. !!  

Hoping I'll be up to it.. as it's in a lovely garden setting. I'll take pics and post here. We grow no apples in Florida that I know of , so this was from a photo by Max Hemingway, Happy Sunday all ... BJ   

September 12, 2013

A Is for Apple

This was all I could do for now, but I hadn't picked up the brushes since the surgery.  I figure it's a start and I'm surprised I didn't paint a pear.. Whenever I've not painted for a while, I paint pears.
Nice to be back.  Thanks for all your words, comments and prayers.

August 21, 2013

Getting There!

You want a drawing?? ok here it is lol !!!
This is my big attempt , I'm doing good after only 2 weeks today.
Learning to walk like a normal person after a year of compensating for the other leg surgery, I'll get there ...
It takes a while, I do remember that. ! There were a few complications this time that I didn't have last year on the other hip.

I want to thank every one of you .... you've written, emailed, posted on my blog... I was overwhelmed by the nice things you said.
Fear not.... I'll be doing that 'Happy Dance' before long..  BJ

August 5, 2013

Just For a Few Days

Always have to do something even if it's a small something.
So here's my recipe card that I made for a delicious cold salad.
See you in a few days after my bionic replacement.  BJ

July 23, 2013

It's A Flower Thing.

I haven't posted in a while .. as we all know life gets in our way...
darn!!! I do come to your blogs and see what you all have been doing.
Yesterday I put this one down on paper.. and wanted to share it with you..  It was just in some flower book not the best,  but better than not doing anything at all......Thanks for coming by and all your emails.
Barbra Joan 

July 8, 2013


Remember my 'Life is a String of Beads' painting?
I post it to remind myself of the meaning of it . Each bead is an event in my life. Some beautiful, bright  and some dark, somber but each one goes onto the next  and then the next.  And then another. 
  So right now I'm going through some rough times physically  and of course that affects us mentally.
 I'm not sure what anyone would call it but I always think that I'm going to round the corner and it's going to be alright.. something good is right there. So I keep on looking  ahead to get to that corner.  It's just what I do.
 Whenever I had to go through a bad time, my mother would say these words to me .."Make Courage Barbra". I've kept that with me all my life,
( I've always said I should have made a sign or a needlepoint with that quote from her.) lol ! What she was saying was 'face up to it ' so I try to do it .. It helped every time, but once .  
For now, thank you my blogging friends for all your kind words.

Barbra Joan

July 5, 2013

A Work In Progress.

Tired of looking at the barn?  Me too!  This is a  large  pencil drawing still very much in the working stage .. I was inspired by something I saw on the ship.  ... I want it for my own wall and have been working on it for the past few weeks.  
I'm posting it now because life is getting in the way of my art. And who knows what's to be... Only the Wizard of Oz  and he's not talking. Yet!!
My scheduled July 9 surgery has been put on hold while I have to see a cardiologist. Oh ..  it could either mean a reschedule or other problems.. So for now I'll leave this on here, when finished I'll post it ... BJ
p.s. Sorry but I've lost  your comments as I'd mistakenly posted it on my Art Hearts Journey blog.  

June 21, 2013

Oregon Barn

I'm not a landscape painter, but had to try  this one .
While in Oregon my friend Jerry and I were traveling down the
highway and I took a photo of  this barn so I think I'll send it to him.. whether he likes it or not !!!!!

June 18, 2013

In My Search!!

In my never ending quest for looser style painting, I'm using a slightly different technique, and so far I'm ok with it. There's much room for improvement and I'm working on it.  I truly like and admire photo-realism and I try for that in my pencil work..
However for watercolor... I want to achieve something different.

June 9, 2013

An Attempt !

I don't know why I find iris' so difficult to paint. Such a beautiful flower and colors.  This is one that was growing in the gardens of the Chihuly Glass Museum.  I made an attempt at it just yesterday.
Since not painting much this past month while away, I'm finding myself going a bit backward.. but that has happened to me every time ... I wonder if  that happens to others ? 
.. Somehow it's like not riding a bicycle, you get back on and find it takes a bit of steadiness to feel comfortable again.. Ok .so, I still have time
( I think) ! !!?  BJ

June 6, 2013

Back Home

I'm anxious to paint, draw or do whatever it is I do..
The bud is from a rhododendron, and the pears from a photo I took at the Pikes Market Place in Seattle. Pears perfectly stacked up on a stand.. Both of these are quite small, but it's a start..
I have lots of things going round my head, but my garden, although very small needs some TLC, and I miss it..
The weather was nasty since the day I got back .. even a tropical thing out there.  It's about passed through now, but has not been very good for the past few days.
My hip surgery (right leg this time ) is moved up to July 9th and will have all the pre-op tests in a few weeks. ... Not fun!!
Pick and poke and prod.. I knew I should have listened to my mother when she told me to drink all my milk !!!

May 29, 2013

A Lavender Farm

Today I went to a lavender farm in Vancouver Washington. 
Although I don't believe this plant above is a lavender it was among
hundreds of other flowers.. The whole place run by a woman named Mary was so picturesque, bumble bees and hummingbirds throughout.  

Two Nubian goats, 20 beautiful hens and metal art (Jerry, take note) throughout the garden . And besides that, Mary makes all her own lavender products which she sells inside an adorable quaint white-washed building. I could be happy sleeping in there. !!
 In summer her sunflowers reach for the sky. 
I snapped some photos so here they are.. I could have spent hours there.. She was very knowledgeable and fun to talk to. 
I just wonder if she realizes she has the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 
What a lovely day.    

A flower that looks like a Christmas decoration !
Marys' place can be found at 


May 28, 2013

My Friend Jerry

Some events , persons, places and things in life come and go and some make an impression that stays forever.. 
And so it is with my friend Jerry. He lives in Oregon, and as you know I live in Florida. We met on an art site four years ago and continued to follow each other online, creatively, personally, and wrote each other from time to time.. 
Never did we think a day would come that we would have the opportunity to meet live and in person.. My trip out to Washington to visit and cruise with my friend Peg brought that to reality. 
And so Sunday, Jerry and I made plans to meet up .. 
From the first minute we saw each other it was like two old friends. 
I knew him already and he is exactly how I thought he'd be..
Warm, friendly, funny, kind, and since we had seen photos of each other I knew just the way he looked... He on the other hand thought I'd have a southern accent, which I don't ...... lol !
We had a wonderful afternoon sharing stories, art, a walk through a beautiful park , flowers and plants very different from where I live.
He creates beautiful metal art and is an avid gardner. You can see his creations at   
We ended the day with dinner at a nearby restaurant.  

 Jerry thank you for a beautiful day, a wonderful memory and I'll save that dance in Paris next time around .. BJ

   Art Center at the Park, and flowers all around.
Lambs Ears. 

Five minutes of sun.!!! 

The end of a perfect day.. BJ 

May 25, 2013

A photo review.  Although I'll be here in Washington state for another 2 weeks, I'm posting a last few photos and will see you all when I get back to Florida.. 
 Pegs garden and koi pond and where I've been staying in Washington . 

On the Amtrak to Seattle. A 3 hour train ride and loved it. 
 The Space Needle in Seattle 

The most amazing Chiluly Glass Museum.. This piece was about 15 feet tall.
 And lunch there was so interesting.  It was full of collections on walls, in glass tables, everywhere even hanging from the ceiling.  
These were transistor radios,  but of course I don't remember them !!


And accordions hanging from the ceilings.

Onto the Star Princess, a floating city and headed for Alaska ! 

Atrium, Shops, Restaurants Internet Cafe, Theatre

Music of all kinds, my favorite? 
Janusz, lol !  the violinist on a quartet . 

From a Window. 

Juneau, Ak. There for a whole day.

Ok, all the way to Alaska to see a Wal-Mart.  LOL !

Onto Skagway, Glacier Bay and Ketchican.  

Did I have a great time you ask?

 Peggy,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. 
 I met my friend Peg in the late 60's in Florida where we were very close friends for over 10 years . Although life put distance between us we never lost touch .. and the last time we saw each other was about 20 years ago. She is a dear friend to have brought me out here to her home and on that wonderful trip.. I'll never forget it. 
Barbra Joan  ... 
                        My friend whom I call Peggis..