September 3, 2014

Day 3

I've done nests before both in pencil and watercolor, but this is a new one ... I just uploaded it to the 30 in 30 challenge. Even though I had a few done before the challenge ( which is allowed) I'm painting one every day to keep up.  They are all the same size 8x10", in a white mat, and all are for sale. If interested email me at .  I'm picturing a very large wall ( which I don't have) to hang all 30 when I'm done... BJ 


  1. Where do you get that energy! Nice color and detail, you are on a race!

    1. Thank for coming by Jerry. As far as the energy? Well on the days I have it, I make the most of it.. On the days I don't well so be it. !!

  2. Dear BJ - this painting is beautiful. Your sweet soul really comes out when you paint my friend. I have so many of these lovely doves in my woods. They are just the most peaceful birds. Well I am running behind on all your art - moving on to your pears!