September 26, 2014

Day #26

 Sold !
In case you haven't figured it out .... it's a tomato..
This one is for my friend Jerry who lives out in Oregon and is the best farmer ... Flowers and veggies, he does it all... So for you JC here's the tomato that could look like an apple, but who cares.
Just a few days to go on the 30 paintings in 30 day Challenge and I'll be darned it looks like I just may make it.  


  1. Thank you Barbra Joan, and she is a beauty at that!

    1. Yes Jerry, almost as pretty as the ones you grow.

  2. This looks like a tomato to the way you painted those dew drops too. Beautiful my friend. Hugs!!

  3. Definitely a tomato! The red colors and value ranges are nice.

  4. It looks like a tomato, plump and juicy! Great work!

  5. Looks solely like a tomato to me and one that makes me crave a salt shaker and a paper towel to have at it! You did indeed make this challenge, my friend!