September 23, 2014

Day #23

This one wasn't quick and it isn't 'loose'. Old habits are hard to die and I wanted this to look like a pile of wine corks... so I did it over the course of several days in between my quick paintings.
One week to go ... just 7 days and  yes, I have painted and posted every day.  One or two things I now know about myself. 

For me, it has been quantity but not quality..  I'm not a daily painter. So I'm not good under pressure, although bound and determined to finish, ( even if it kills me) lol... that's the Scorpio in me.. The other is... I'm not consistent... one day 'loose', one day tight. What's with  that anyway???  See you tomorrow. 


  1. and it looks like a pile of corks! Seven to go! You DO have discipline!

  2. Thanks Jerry, and I thought you knew me. LOL !!

  3. BJ - I don't care whether it is loose or more detailed - your work is always outstanding. I think this has been wonderful my friend that you have kept up with this challenge...go girl you can do it! "You are woman and I can hear you roar." Hugs!

  4. BJ, you did just fine under pressure. I do hope you enjoyed drinking the wine, let me see, are there 30 corks. You are an excellent artist BJ, to be able to paint tight and loose is a gift. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sure Joan,, I SHOULD have drank all that wine.
      thanks for coming by...

  5. Scorpio...Cancer...two water signs...LOL Can you imagine us together? What a maudlin pair we could make! Love the corks BJ; they are perfection!

  6. Thanks Sherry, wish I'd have drank every one of them.
    LOL !!!