April 23, 2014

Thank you, thank you

To all my blogging friends both near and far, thank you for all your thoughts, your prayers and wonderful emails.. 
Without going into it, I had a scare concerning my health.. 
 But it's going to be alright.. and hopefully not cause me any problems.. 
 I'll get back to painting, blogging , creating, gardening and all the things that keep me putting one foot in front of the other.
 It's what I do.  It's what I've always done. I'm not going through this life as though walking on eggshells.

April 18, 2014

For my Florida series.

Not feeling well all  this past week and still not good.  So I'm posting one of my Florida pieces that I did just before I started feeling like something is not right. Thanks for visiting and the comments.. 
They always make me feel better.. See you soon. 
Yes, I just added a piece done a few weeks ago. Not mentally ready to paint. But I'll get there. We'll see..  I send hugs to all my blogging friends.