October 31, 2013

Mixed Media

Perhaps the fact that I had a recent birthday, or something in the air, that makes me want a change..
 I paint mostly traditional watercolor. Paint, water and brush.
However, just in the past week I've gotten the urge to do watercolors with some papers, text, etc added. Mixed Media .
So this is Numero Uno .. watercolor flowers, handmade papers, text and some touches of gold .. I had no plan, ( do I ever)? just started with the delicate flowers and so on. 
Yes, think I'll play with this for a while..
I've always had my hand in making tiny journals, glue, papers and so the journey continues.. BJ

October 27, 2013

Here Kitty, kitty

From a photo by Gary Jones .. Gary does many close-ups of animals of all kinds.. This is a watercolor just 6 " square on a piece of Arches paper that I didn't want to waste . It's signed way down on the left corner ..
A dear friend of mine is not feeling well so it's on the way to her in the form of a card.. Hope it makes her feel better.

October 20, 2013

Yes! I WON !

Judging for the art show was last Tues. Here it is Sunday and I just find out I won a First Place award for my 'Sunrise Dancer'. She had already given me a 2nd place last February in another show.
and a Second for 'The Gypsy Princess.
Both photos were taken at an angle at the show today so they're a little off. Sorry for the glare.
The Graphite/Pencil ' Gypsy Princess' shows up very faded and blah when it really has a lot of dark and light contrast.  
I had volunteered to stay at the building for 3 hours this afternoon, and it was very enjoyable... Show is over .  BJ

October 5, 2013

Art At the Cottage

Although a beautiful place for an art show, weather perfect this event didn't draw the people as we thought it might.
It was the first time held here and we'll definitely do it again.
It's still hot and humid here and drained me even though it was only 5 hours.  It was shaded by huge live oak trees, plants and flowers everywhere.. I could sleep in a tent right there in that garden.
Lotsa creepy crawly things though.. oh here's a pic of one of the trees loaded with Spanish moss...  BJ