March 20, 2015

ATC'S Mixed Media

Most of you know and might even be involved with ATC's also known as Artist Trading Cards.  When I first came to know about them was around 2007. I joined a group and we traded . ATC's if you don't know are small art cards, sized as a playing card, made and traded by artists, but not to be sold ... only traded.. I know the trend has now gone a long way away from that original idea.
I can't say how many I created but let's say lots.. traded yes, but kept some of them which I mounted on a square piece of foamcore and framed..
Some had meaning for me, others were just wherever my creativity took me... Mixed media is the understatement here.
Ribbons, lace, stamping, cut out papers, gold leaf, beads, watercolor, gold string, etc.
After being put aside for quite a while and although somewhere in one of my blogs I may have them... I decided to post them today. 

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