November 28, 2011

My Choices

My art guild has asked that we exhibit some of our work at the Walden Lake Country Club for the Christmas Art Show.  Dec. 8.  
  I'm glad to do it and have made some choices ..  They aren't final yet, but I know I want to put in three watercolors and one drawing so I may change it.. These are photographed framed under glass which has reflections if you can get past that.  BJ    

November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

 From me and Angie ...
To all my friends in Blogsville, USA Happy Thanksgiving and to the rest of you Have a Great Day!  BJ

November 21, 2011

Batter Up!!

Not my usual subject, style or anything about it that says Barbra Joan..Painted from a photo on PMP  (I believe) .   It was mostly the lighting that said 'paint me'.            
Almost finished !

  Using 3 colors, raw sienna, indigo, and venetian red.
 Happy to report I'm back in Blogsville ! .

November 14, 2011

Blog Problem

I've been so frustrated with my blog trying to post and comment.  For the past week every single time I try to go onto something I am asked to sign in, then password, then change the password , that doesn't work...
I've all but given up on it... and tonight is the last time I'm doing this .. if it starts again.. I will put the lights out. If I'm not logged into my blog I don't know how to get to others.. so therefore theres been very little comments from me to you.  I hope it gets better.. I am always happy to see you all and your blogs..   ok. off the soap box .. and onto  my other blog to apologize.. I have painted a pink poppy ( for a change) lol !  sometimes we have to stick to what we know..

November 12, 2011

"Sunshine On My Shoulder'

I have a few small exhibits coming up .. Tonight is a 2 year anniversary celebration at my local gallery for which I've been asked to bring in a few paintings.. to hang. I may exchange some time in the gallery.
This is one I'd done a few years ago, it's about 18x24" and hangs in my bedroom..  it was done for just that purpose. 
Now I think I might share it  and along with it a few smaller ones.

November 5, 2011


I'm  not sure I've EVER painted something like this... it was a copyright free photo I found, oh and I think it's Kale? and the photo was taken at the vegetable department of a grocery store..
   I have no idea what it is, maybe the cabbage family... LOL! the painting is awful but the color gave me the life I needed today. !
  Hey who knew veggies could be so lively !!   I'm dancing ! BJ