January 31, 2012

Hot Press/Cold Press Paper

Although not good composition, the idea was to play with the paper.That I did .

 A few weeks ago I'd gotten some hot pressed paper and have been wanting to try it (top)  .  Bottom is in my sketchbook, and the paper is just that ...paper.   I was bitten by this bug after reading Julie Collins book, Painting Flowers with Impact.. No body does it better!    BJ

January 29, 2012

My OCD with Paper !!

 ~Some Pages~  ^
  ~Some Mess ~ ^
                                                    ~ The Cover ~  ^
 Thought you might like seeing an Art Journal I made for my friend JoNette. Her parents were both musicians and Jo is a talented pianist. This journal has a music/drama  theme going through it.. It sits on her piano now.. click on the pics for a close-up look...    BJ

January 24, 2012

When is it Time. ?

Today I lost the light of my life, my dog Angie. 
  I cannot say much more than it was the kinder, more humane thing I did for her because I loved her so very much.. For me it is a heartbreak , I can hardly breathe .. it is that much pain... I'm not a stranger to heartbreak..
    I was with Angie to the very end.. the way it should be when you truly love.. I will get on with my life.. because thats the way I am...
  I have always believed there is something around the next corner.. but there will never be another Angie. 
         Me and Ang hugging in the morning last year. Neither of us had combed our hair yet. !

January 22, 2012

My Go Home Sketch!

To answer those private and public blog questions about my health,
 I'm getting better every day.. and will be back with more new paintings , more nonsense (if you all can stand it)  !!
    Pneumonia is not childs play especially when its been a looong time since you were a child .  Nasty, and doesn't want to leave. 
 As I said on my Journey blog ... yes it kicked my a--. 
Right now ... off meds, next step is the Pulmonary doc in a few weeks.
   One word .. ok 2 .. Don't Smoke !  I thought that quitting 15 years ago was the answer.. Nothing would touch me.. Wrong.. every day that you don't smoke is to your benefit, and thats why I came through this.. but damage is done, that will always affect your lungs.. no going back on that... You dance? you pay the piper.. 
    I will be fine for now..it's over and I thank you all, for your support, well wishes, and prayers,, don't mean to preach.. but you know who you are... Ok?    BJ

January 21, 2012

Travel Palette

The tiniest palette I own is this little black enamel box that measures just 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches, and holds 12 colors that you put in yourself .. along with it I'll take my  water brushes . It came with me to the hospital.  Only on the last day that I was able to go home, I used it for a sketch ..   with some color...  BJ

January 4, 2012

My Name is Barbra Joan and I am a Paperholic!

Yes, there I've said it.. When I say I'm 'playing with paper'  it usually means that I'm making mini art journals.  I don't do scrapbooking, but one look at the hoarding of papers might make you think otherwise.. Papers now come in collections or  'themes'  and they all mix and match.. One trip to Violettes (my favorite store) and I start to get the shakes.

  I follow a site called Graphic 45 ... tons of ideas and take off from there..  they send me their newsletter almost every morning.. so if I'm not painting, this is what I'm doing. It's a Happy Thing !  I'll show you more on my other blog.   Art Hearts Journey.   BJ