September 12, 2014

Day # 12

Day 12? Is that all? You know when you paint,  not every one turns out well..... so even though I may do more than one a day not all are 'postable'. I have tons of small paintings but this Challenge is about painting one every day..
My small landscapes are from J Hicks book and my attempt at doing the demos..


  1. You are on day 12 and the 12th painting! I am still working on the same picnic table!

  2. Yes JC , BUT look at what you will have after 30 days. I know your work,,, nothing better.
    all I have are 30 small framed painting ...

  3. BJ - this has a lovely storybook feel. You are doing good kid - keep it up! Hugs

  4. You are painting beautiful works, I love the colors and shapes! Beautiful bird bath below too!

    1. Thank you so much Celia.
      Nice of you to come by...