February 27, 2010

I posted this Cardinal on my other blog and Flickr and made a lot of people happy so I thought I'd spread that happiness around a little. Just a little bright spot in the day. Even here in Florida it's cold, dreary and we need the sunshine. ! Oh, and I painted this with my new water filled travel brush. They're great! You can see them on my Art Hearts Journey

February 20, 2010

My neighbors Place.. Florida is not all palm trees and beach as you can see.

Sanibel /Captiva Island
Desperation has driven me to post some from another lifetime! Well, one is my neighbors place.. . What you don't see is the many surrounding acres, cows and other assorted critters. . The other is of Sanibel Island , used to go there all the time, and one of my rare still life paintings.

February 11, 2010

Virtual Paintout -San Francisco

This is the second in my Virtual Paintout .. I'm working on sizing my photos and hopefully I can do this one as I like it better than the first . It's not very good but trust me, landscapes have never been my 'thing'. But I like the challenge, it forces me to do them and I really would like to be better at it. Thanks to my blogging friends who offered help in sizing my photos. You people are great!