February 14, 2016


A small watercolor from a photo taken around the area.

February 5, 2016

Sketchin' ... Yes Again!

Somehow I got into this sketching craze. And I can't stop. 
I've ordered two online courses .. it all has to do with Urban Sketching . I had no idea this was all going on behind my back! 
I've not done a lot of  'sketching', and it's nothing like painting a watercolor painting.  I'm very traditional in my watercolors.
     Now here I am with pen? ink? watercolor?  
Yes, and I'm liking it a lot .  These are some of the practice sketches from the class.

  Doors and Windows...Windows and Doors.
Oh, and people too. !  well they're supposed to be people. This was done on a scrap of paper and lying nearby, so I'm sharing it .
 You get the idea... Maybe?   and then a bit more serious painting.
It's a Jade plant.