October 28, 2010

A Quiet Place in my Mind

Just a small  painting to put me in a more quiet frame of mind.. photo is from   Ralph  an artist and  blogger, but I've taken artistic license and simplified it..  Yes, right now  I have a simple mind LOL !   I thank all of you who have contacted me for the address of a fellow artist in need.. you may still do so .. from the post below this one.

October 25, 2010

A learning process.

When I first started painting in oils I learned  ( tried)  by copying the Masters and other artists. It was the only way I could . This is just such a painting, and by now who knows where it is, could be  in someones' garage, the Goodwill store .. don't know.. But I'm sure that just by doing it I learned something ... just like life,, we have to experience it .. do it,  and we always come away knowing one more thing .. 

October 9, 2010

Getting Back

Leaving the city of Savannah intact except for one  quite significant brick....
Long story.  !!

October 6, 2010

Savannah .. Alert the Media.

Yes, lock the windows and  bolt the doors,  I'll be in Savannah for a few days with my good friend.. The Professor and the Artist.   Come on now...you know who is who..Savannah is a beautiful old Southern city.    I hope  to see it all and  get lots of pictures for painting reference and if they're nice to us we'll leave the city intact. See you  all when I get back.