March 29, 2011

Girl With the Green Eyes

You may or may not know of the famous photo that was on the cover of National Geo. probably 20 years ago.  A young Afghanistan  girl  known as the Girl with the Green eyes.   She wasn't even named at the time ...  Just as everyone else was mesmerized I too couldn't stop looking at the photo.  .  . My rendition done about seven years ago, doesn't  even  begin to capture  it... but I am going to try it again... and soon. !  If your interested to see her you can Google  it,  or click on the words above. National Geo.  
   After 20 years Steve   McCurry the photographer found her again.. Her name is Sharbat Gula and no matter what your political views or thoughts about the Afghan people this reminds  us that there are children suffering all over the world.. 

March 25, 2011

Hither, and Thither and Yon??

After my last tight painting , I knew I had to do something to loosen up!   so today I threw some paint.. hither, thither and yon!! lol !  Where the heck are these places....????  and just so you know I'm still on the planet I thought I'd post  it. .. 
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!~~  

March 20, 2011

Last Nights Spectacular Show !

    I know a lot of us read about the Supermoon last night.. This is what it looked like  just as it started to rise above the trees across the lake.. I know I've lived a lot of moons, and have seen many unusual ones.  but I'd never seen this ..It looked like the sun coming up at night.. I watched it and in just  a few minutes later it was very bright white.. !!!!    Well,  just shows how we can always see and learn something new!   So much better than a painting. !
    I want a replay !!! .  

March 19, 2011


I'm working on this painting that I'd done in just pencil a while ago.. but she has a very colorful outfit on . so putting some effort into that.. will post when finished for now here's a peek..  BJ 

March 6, 2011

Tina Marie and The Wolf !

The drawing of my daughter was done a while ago but needed adjustments..
She has very, very  dark brown eyes  ( and wanted that to come through... the wolf was finished just a few weeks ago and decided to post it today..  since the wolf is one of  Tinas' favorite animals I thought posting them together was appropriate. 
    Both of course are pencil done on Bristol smooth paper, using Staedtler and Derwent drawing pencils  and as always my trusty kneaded eraser..  Click on the photo to see a close up.   

March 3, 2011

Letting the Light Get In

I  wanted to connect this drawing to the post below. It's one I did a while ago . The flower has no special meaning, isn't even particularly good but it'll stay for a while as I'm 'Letting the light get  in.'   The poem below was read to me by a friend last night while on the phone. I had to post it...  It  could mean a lot of different things to different people,  but for me it means I've made a mistake ..  the crack ,.... but the light gets  in that crack and  has taught me one more lesson.. Life will teach us one more lesson right to very end, I have no doubt of that..