June 19, 2014

A Party on My Head


 I'm about as far away from a party mood as I can be, but that's what I thought of when I finished this. 'There's a party on my head" .
This is mixed media, mostly watercolor, pencil and a bit of pen. 
 I chose to keep the face in pencil , and her clothes simple . 
 Not my style you say? Well you never know. !!!
P.S. I was asked how I came up with this...no, not my idea, but I'd seen something like it a long time ago.. a model with all colorful scarves on her head.. I've always wanted to do it ... I HAD to do it.!!! So I DID !!!! I have just added my second and final  version of this. 


June 14, 2014

Rose of Sharon

I could easily say I'm stuck in a 'rut'. But it just so happens that I love painting flowers. It's just that simple... Rose of Sharon is also a simple flower so I've painted them in my white ceramic pot...

June 7, 2014


I've lost a couple photos, came onto my blog and what happened to  the Bird of Paradise painting in my last post?  It was there this morning and now it's gone..Google took it ...

June 6, 2014

Bird of Paradise

 So where's the photo you ask? I have no idea what happened to it.. 

June 3, 2014

Oregon Barn

When I was out west  this time last year, I snapped a photo of this barn as I passed it.. Not my thing to paint barns but I've come out of my comfort zone a bit..That day was spent with my friend Jerry who lives in Oregon... Thanks again Jerry for a wonderful day. 
Barbra Joan

June 1, 2014


It's all fixed ... thanks to a special friend who knows everything. ! 
I really must get all my Picasa photos onto a cd or flash whatever.
Some of my photos are the only record I have of my paintings.
 Everyone should remember if you delete anything in Picasa it will get deleted in your blog ... any changes you make .... well same thing.  It's a happy day ... again.