November 27, 2013

Shady Lady 2 and Mr. Elephant

An older pencil piece  (top).   I hadn't learned the art of softening/blending yet.  And the Elephant is one I just did..
Posting today as I'm not doing any painting except for my walls.. It's tiring and will finish up soon.
  I have the Art Guild Christmas Show in a week, so lots to do..
Missing watercolor painting but will be back to it soon..
Happy Thanksgiving to all.. BJ

November 19, 2013

Is it Live or Memorex?

Some years back I painted these on a porch wooden floor.
Thought you might like to see them. 


November 16, 2013

Not Excactly Painting but.....

My friend Peg out in Washington state calls me last night just to see if I were alright. Reason? No new posts.
Your right Peg and that's because no new painting.
I'm painting my walls !!! That's painting right?
   In the meantime I'll post my art/studio room where I live most of the day. Computer, phone, etc.

The hutch that was saved from Hurricane Katrina and brought here just about a month before that storm.. it holds my small journals, sentimental  'stuff' that I can't live without.
Some of  The Journals. Others have found new homes.
One of about 5 shelves of books and other things close to my heart.

Far corner for painting and right hand side for my zillion other ideas, journal making,  mixed media, sewing  etc. At this end a comfortable loveseat, and my computer just out of sight.
I've always enjoyed looking at other artists work places, tools, equipment, etc.  So here's part of mine.. and Peg, I'm still here.!

November 2, 2013

Fast and Loose

Not making a commitment,  but trying to do a small painting each day. Although Florida is not known for cactus ( too wet) I do have one in a pot and when it blooms has the most colorful flowers.
Kinda like these ... !!!  BJ