May 28, 2013

My Friend Jerry

Some events , persons, places and things in life come and go and some make an impression that stays forever.. 
And so it is with my friend Jerry. He lives in Oregon, and as you know I live in Florida. We met on an art site four years ago and continued to follow each other online, creatively, personally, and wrote each other from time to time.. 
Never did we think a day would come that we would have the opportunity to meet live and in person.. My trip out to Washington to visit and cruise with my friend Peg brought that to reality. 
And so Sunday, Jerry and I made plans to meet up .. 
From the first minute we saw each other it was like two old friends. 
I knew him already and he is exactly how I thought he'd be..
Warm, friendly, funny, kind, and since we had seen photos of each other I knew just the way he looked... He on the other hand thought I'd have a southern accent, which I don't ...... lol !
We had a wonderful afternoon sharing stories, art, a walk through a beautiful park , flowers and plants very different from where I live.
He creates beautiful metal art and is an avid gardner. You can see his creations at   
We ended the day with dinner at a nearby restaurant.  

 Jerry thank you for a beautiful day, a wonderful memory and I'll save that dance in Paris next time around .. BJ

   Art Center at the Park, and flowers all around.
Lambs Ears. 

Five minutes of sun.!!! 

The end of a perfect day.. BJ 


  1. You are so funny, Barbra! Where is the photo of us together! No, not the one skinny dipping in my pool! No, not the one near the bamboo! The other one! Yes, amazing how the 3,000 mile distance and
    digital divide became a singularity and we met in real life! You, who is so kind to vegetables that she has never cooked one! Thank you Barbra Joan, you are a dream!

  2. Well, I did murder some corn on the cob once and it was overkill !!!

  3. How lovely to meet your internet friend Barbra and to see his studio in the real

  4. So wonderful that you finally met!

  5. Oh you two made me laugh!! Jerry is a sweetheart and you are so lucky to have met up with him. But my goodness woman! Look at that figure of yours! You are one hot mama! I was so hoping you two would get a chance to meet! I never pictured you with a Southern drawl, no sirree! To me, you are simply elegance and natural beauty all in one.

  6. Oh my gosh you look so freaking happy. I so wished that Rick and I could have been there with you. I haven't seen you look this happy in a long time. Love you Mom......... Veronica

  7. Oh BJ - this is absolutely wonderful. Sometimes life just has a great way of putting someone special in our paths and then allowing us to meet them. Looks like the two of you had so much fun.

  8. Meeting with Jerry was just as it seemed in pictures... A great day and I"ll not forget it .. BJ

  9. What a wonderful day that must have been. You two look as if you were having a ball. I'm so happy for you both that you had this opportunity to meet each other properly. A day to remember for always.