November 2, 2013

Fast and Loose

Not making a commitment,  but trying to do a small painting each day. Although Florida is not known for cactus ( too wet) I do have one in a pot and when it blooms has the most colorful flowers.
Kinda like these ... !!!  BJ


  1. You've got some really beautiful pieces on here. I haven't stopped by in a while and I've missed some of them! I like this fast and loose style, and I also like the collage that you did below, and the paintings below that! Your style is so gentle and expressive!

  2. Out in the wild wild west they are spectacular! I can feel the joy in this painting. Well done. Hope it;s cooler at your house as it is at mine.

  3. Lovely BJ What kind of paper is that. Sending you a hug, love,Diana

  4. This is, I think, a good way to go about it: no commitment!
    Nice painting of a prickly pear--loose, watercolory!

  5. Such a pretty melding of colors in those flowers. This is such a pretty piece! How have you been, BJ? I know I don't email often and my computer time is limited to before work so I tend to just manage the blogs each day. With my coffee. But know you are always in my thoughts and in my heart. So is Jerry.

  6. Bonjour,
    Je découvre ton blog, j'aime beaucoup ton travail! Des aventures et de très belles photos de tes oeuvres vraiment magnifiques!!!
    Je suis artiste peintre, photographe amateur; je me suis inscrite pour suivre tes publications!
    Je t'invite à me rendre visite sur mes blogs, merci beaucoup et bonne journée! Cath.

  7. Nice piece in a loose style.

  8. Hello,
    I discovered your blog, I love your work! Adventures and beautiful pictures of your really wonderful works!
    I am a painter, amateur photographer, I joined to follow your publications!
    I invite you to visit me on my blog, thank you very much and good day

    1. I translated the above from French to English. and thank you very much Cath.

  9. Your fast and loose style really suits you dear. I have a Christmas cactus that doesn't necessarily bloom at Christmas but it is really pretty as well. Great subject to explore - you inspired me. Hugs

  10. j'aime beaucoup!
    Nice post! Thanks & Welcome for your comment and visit to my blog.
    Have a nice day! Merci.

  11. I love cactus flowers and yours is beautiful! I love the sideways composition too!